Monday, August 31, 2009

The winner is....!!!!

Is anyone interested in knowing who the lucky winner of the furniture contest is? I thought so! First, there was only one winner, so if you didn't win, I'll be posting about a five winner book promotion that is going to be totally awesome, along with several other contest coming up later! Also, is anyone else out there that hasn't posted a review for a long time? I feel terrible for not updating as much ad I used to. I really want to apologize! I am so sorry! School has started last week and I already have quizzes coming up this week which I need to cram for! Another update: expect several author interviews coming up. Along with several reviews if I can get time to read and post.

Enough of my blabbing. Let's get to that lucky winner! Before I forget (haha) thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and spread the word! You did fantastic! And thanks to all of my new and old followers for following! It is greatly appreciated!

Now what was I going to say?...... Hmm. I guess that was it.....
*Smacks head and wonders if I'm losing my mind*. The winner! That's what I almost forgot to mention!

And the winner is.....*drumrolls fingers on desk for dramatic effect XD*

I will be emailing you shortly for your prize choice and mailing address! And don't forget, those of you that didn't win, I will be posting about a huge promotion for you to enter tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Contest update: winners?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let all of the contestants of the furniture contest know that the winners will be posted tomorrow evening! I know, it was supposed to be posted today, but I have to be honest. I was busy and it slipped my mind until now! I'm sorry! And thanks to all that entered and gave me their opinions on how to make my blog a better place. I will get a new layout and construct a new sidebar, but in the meantime, since school has started, I just haven't had as much time as I would like to do more reading and blog stuff! I'm sorry everyone! I am not forgetting about my blog! I promise!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Birthing House Exclusive Info!

The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom is a new supernatural thirller published by St. Martins Press. Publisher's Weekly said: ""“A blend of supernatural horror and psychological thriller, Ransom’s impressive debut chronicles a couple’s descent into madness after they purchase a 140-year-old Victorian house in rural Wisconsin . . . this addictively readable ghost story will keep readers up all night, with the lights on, of course.” Kinda creepy huh? Still want more info? Then keep reading!

Here is the awesome trailer!

If you are interested in learning even more, then click here to go to the official website!

Do you have a ghost story you have experienced or have been told? Then share it with other people who would love to hear about it, including the author of The Birthing House by clicking here!

Interested in some cool photos?! Here is the link that will get you there!

Wanna get a sneak peak of the book? The first 2 chapters are available here! Yes! You read this right! Click here to read the first 2 chapters of The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In My Mailbox!

Here's what I got this week! IMM was started by the story siren!
The Borrowed: None
The Bought: None
The Recieved (For Review):
Rumer And Quix by Kathleen S. Wilson
Summary: ""Rumer, a petite apprentice reporter for the 31st century Global Quotidien with a flair for fashion, loves zipping across Nanjing with her loyal sidekick, Qix, in search of stories. But now, she’s furious with her boss for asking her to cover the exploits of Alfa, the planet’s wealthiest mega-conglomerate. Her parents died in an Alfa accident and she can’t understand how he can be so insensitive. She escapes into the indie networks and soon finds herself puzzling over an image of a bizarre nature sighting. Ever since the flora and fauna were replaced with Alfa’s Syncov™ replicas eons earlier, sightings like this have been routinely dismissed. When ethereal voices relay a message confirming Rumer’s hunch that things are terribly amiss, she slips away on a globe-trotting quest for answers. An epic battle is brewing between Dr. BigCo, the powerful Alfa CEO, and his nemesis, MoNa, the vulnerable matriarch of the cosmos. Will Rumer be able to turn things around before it’s too late?

Meridian by Amber Kizer
Summary: "Half-human, half-angel, Meridian Sozu has a dark responsibility.Sixteen-year-old Meridian has been surrounded by death ever since she can remember. As a child, insects, mice, and salamanders would burrow into her bedclothes and die. At her elementary school, she was blamed for a classmate’s tragic accident. And on her sixteenth birthday, a car crashes in front of her family home—and Meridian’s body explodes in pain. Before she can fully recover, Meridian is told that she’s a danger to her family and hustled off to her great-aunt’s house in Revelation, Colorado. It’s there that she learns that she is a Fenestra—the half-angel, half-human link between the living and the dead. But Meridian and her sworn protector and love, Tens, face great danger from the Aternocti, a band of dark forces who capture vulnerable souls on the brink of death and cause chaos. "

Max: Maximum Ride #5 by James Patterson
Summary: "The fifth entry in Patterson's all-ages Maximum Ride fantasy/thriller series finds the teenaged title character facing her greatest challenge yet. Max, leading her flock of virtually indestructible part-human/part-bird hybrids, must rescue her human mom, kidnapped by a criminal mastermind with an elaborate plan to wreak worldwide ecological catastrophe. But in order to rescue her, 14-year-old Max and the five younger members of her flock (genetically developed by an environmental group) must team up with the U.S. Navy to determine why millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii. All this, and Max is falling in love, too. Patterson doesn't spend much time on character development, opting to propel his wild story with quick action scenes, plenty of dialogue and chapters seldom longer than three or four pages; unfortunately, though, life-and-death situations are often solved by implausible plot turns. Max narrates with a precocious, snarky voice, but makes it relatively easy to jump into her complicated tale midstream. Not surprisingly, the open-ended conclusion begs for a follow-up; it's also little wonder that a movie franchise is in the works. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. "

(All Summaries From Amazon)
So that's what I got this week! I am super excited for all of the books I had received! All 3 of them look and sound great! There's my batch for the week! What did you get?!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday!

Yay! I remembered it was Wednesday! Haha! So here is my WOW post for this week!

Title: Vintage Veronica

Author: Erica S. Pearl

Summary(From Amazon): "Veronica Walsh is 15, fashion-minded, fat, and friendless. Her summer job in the Consignment Corner section (Employees Only!) of a vintage clothing store is a dream come true. There Veronica can spend her days separating the one-of-a-kind gem garments from the Dollar-a-Pound duds, without having to deal with people. But when two outrageous yet charismatic salesgirls befriend her and urge her to spy on and follow the mysterious and awkward stock boy Veronica has nicknamed the Nail, Veronica’s summer takes a turn for the weird. Suddenly, what began as a prank turns into something else entirely. Which means Veronica may have to come out of hiding and follow something even riskier for the first time: her heart. "

Release Date: March 9, 2010

Why I'm excited?
Because it sounds like a really cute book that would turn out to be entertaining as well! The whole plot sounds scandalous in its own unique way, as well as the character Veronica. Overall, it sounds cute, fun, unique, and a coming out type of story. Now, let's discuss the cover! Haha! Simple, yet themed and cute, I absolutely adore it! The cover looks as cute as the story sounds! The colors and theme flows great together! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday

Sorry about my lack of W.O.W posts! Also, just a reminder that I have a contest going on right now, for a chance to win a book shelf of your choice, or a computer desk!

This weeks pick:
The Everafter by Amy Huntley
Release Date: September 29th, 2009
Summary: "Madison Stanton doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. But she does know this — she is dead. And alone in a vast, dark space. The only company Maddy has in this place are luminescent objects that turn out to be all the things she lost while she was alive. And soon she discovers that, with these artifacts, she can reexperience — and even change — moments from her life.Her first kiss.A trip to Disney World.Her sister’s wedding.A disastrous sleepover.In reliving these moments, Maddy learns illuminating and frightening truths about her life — and death. "
-From Amazon

-The Summary: I think the summary is what really drew me in. It seems like such a mysterious, and dark book that would have surprises and detail to keep you entertained.

-The Cover: The cover caught my attention, but not as much as the summary did. I guess, the cover did make me want to read the summary in the first place, and I do love the colors flowing through the cover.

-The Title: Awesome! Simple, yet mysterious and entertaining. It draws you in, making you wonder what the book is about. I love this chosen title! It works great with the summary!

So there you have it! The break down! Overall, I cannot wait to read more about this book! And better yet, the release day is coming up! Yay!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Furniture Contest!

Are you in desperate need of a new book case, or even a computer desk? Then this is a contest for you!
First off, before I get into more detail, I want to thank Jonathan Papp from Office Furniture for giving me this wonderful option! Thank you!

I will be giving choices for the winner to choose from, so you have more of a variety to look at, than what I would choose for a prize.

First things first:
*Contestants must be from U.S to enter, sorry international readers!
*You must be or become a follower to enter.
*You must comment to this post leaving your name, email and/or blog link for 1 entry.

There will only be a max limit of 3 entries per person.
1-Comment on this post
2-Link/Blog about this contest, including contest details, direct link, and ending date (August 29th)
3- Email me, telling me what I could change about my blog to make it better, simpler, or more interesting. Also, tell me how you like my reviews, or posts in general. What are the positives, and negatives?

Here are the options!

~Book Shelves/Storage Shelves~

~Computer Desks~
Contest will end August 29th. I will email the winner, asking for their mailing address.
Now, let the contest begin!
Expect a review(s) this week, and a few other posts as well!