Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal

TITLE: Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal

AUTHOR: Ben Furman

OVERALL REVIEW: 3 1/2, good

Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal starts off with Sam Mae Costas leaving to visit her grandfathers farm for the summer while her parents are off exploring, hoping to find the lost city of Atlantis. Hoping to find an adventure of her own she does. Not even a week passes before she does. One that may risk her life.

The city she ventured to after meeting a minny human on the back of a dragon fly, was Innerworld. One of the many unknown worlds she gets to know. Learning about Innerworlds past, she begins to meet new people. Prince buznor, a young Awok fighting to save Innerworld joins forces with Sam to help there civilization. But, without the help of the Crimson Crystal, one of the 3 important Crystals needed to help defeat the strong Drogon's Army, the world which is digging closer and closer to Innerworld, trying to defeat them, they are doomed. So, with a helpfull dragon fly, Prince Buznor, and her helpfull sidekick Patch, they venture off to unknown, and somewhat dangerous lands in order to find the Crimson Crystal.

Will they make it before its too late? Or is this just a fictional dream Sam has drifted into?

I had many thoughts about this book. Some of the parts of this book, made me wait at the edge of my seat to see what happens next. But other parts just dragged on, and made me a little bored. Over all, this book was well written. But I wouldnt really recommend it to anyone over 14+. Adventure grasped most of the pages as I read it, and I did enjoy it.

TAGS: Adventure, lost, helping, fiction, girl, fun, imagination, grade school- middle school.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Unspoken

It all started with an email, invting 5 teens to Harold Crawleys funeral. yes, they destroyed Jacob Crawleys Cult, but they dont tell eachother at first, but thats why all of the survivors go to the funeral. Harold died from drowning, his biggest fear. But the catch is he was found in the middle of a cornfield. Allison, who has had crazy visions about the next person to die is right. She thinks that Jacob was right about his visions. Knowing they were the only 5 people to survive, sudden deaths start to take off while they meet up at a motel after the sad funeral. Starting with Emma, she died from what she was scared of most. When Allison found her face down on her bed, Emma was dead. Her eyes were taken out of her head, just like in her dream. Will allison be next? along with David? Are they the only people left that survived the fire that awful fire to kill Jacob?
I liked this book. But in the middle it was slow, almost to slow. In a way it went too fast also. The suspence was good, and I enjoyed the surprising ending. But it wouldnt be a book I would recommend. TAGS: ghosts, horror, haunting, scary, death, fiction, teenage, graves, murder, exciting, fun, good, creepy, girl, love, book

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review for Fabulous Terrible.

First off, I want to thank Amy for having me review this superb book. It was very exciting, and I loved reviewing it for you!
"In six short months your enire life has gone into turnround."

This is exactly what happens to YOU! Yes, you! The book Fabulous Terrible hosts you as the main character. And well, just as you think your life has gone great everything turns horrible. Starting off with the good things, You are excepted into Trumball Woodhouse (TW), an amazing, expencive all girl boarding school in the country. You are different though. You have frightening, recurring "shimmers" that never seem to go away. You havent told anyone about them, ever since your old foster parents never came to get you after promising to provide a new, happy home for you. Not even your current foster parents know about them. So, after applying to boarding schools, to get away from them as much as possible, because you dont want the same thing to happen to you again, TW accepts you. Saying goodbye to Emily, your best friend was hard enough. But is TW going to be all that easy? They call it glamorous, but you call it horror.

So my thoughts about this book are all in different catagories. The things I adored about this is the thought of the Main Character being based upon you, yourself. I could somewhat see myself as the main character, but not always. That is one of the downs of this book.

Another high for this book is the constant adventure and addiction to the Adventures of You. Suspence grasps this book in a way I cant explain. Some people say this book is predictable. I didnt think it was as much. Only at the end when they caught the suspect, you kind of saw it coming. There were surprises at every page and it was deffinatly mysterious.

Tags: mystery, suspence, fun, you, Fabulous, Terrible, friends, evil, woodhouse, Trumbull, excitement, thief, rich, girl, college.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Host

Ok, so this is one of the many books I am currently reading. It is interesting so far, and I heard it will get way better by the time I hit page 100 or so. If you have read this book, what were your thoughts?? I also have a question about it. How do I know who is talking? between the Wanderer and Melanie, I get confused between both of there thoughts. Help?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ok, so I have started to read Twilight about a year ago, but wasnt very interested. I got to ch. 11, and I want to start reading it again. Can someone please help me remember the important parts? Thanks!