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Free eBook offer!

Hey everyone! You all like free books right?
Well, now is your chance to recieve a free, full length eBook for a limited time only! The eBook being supplied is called Jumble Pie.

A quick review of what Jumble Pie about:

"JUMBLE PIE is the story of the elusive nature of friendship, sometimes clinging, other times liberating; a story for any woman who has ever lied to her best friend just to make her feel better - and who has been brave enough to tell the truth, even when it hurts. And of course, it's a story about the remarkable healing power of pie."
To learn more about the book, and how to recieve your free copy, click here!
Remember, limited time only! Oh, and stop by to thank the autho, Melanie Lynne Hauser, for putting up this great event!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teen, Inc

TITLE: Teen, Inc.
AUTHOR: Stefan Petrucha

OK, so, what would you do if a corporation ran your life? Yeah, you might have the most expensive gadgets, a cook, and an entire building you get to call home. But what would you do if you wanted a "normal" life? Wouldn't it get boring after a while?

That's how Jaiden's life is. Fancy gadgets surrounding him, limited access to a huge building he calls "home," and tons of meetings that need to be attended. After all, they do involve him. Who he dates, what he does, and everything in between! OK, so he is finally allowed to attend public school. The only normal part of his life, only because no one there knows that he is the very first child to be raised by a corporation! But that never would of happened if his parents were both killed on the job at the NECorp facility. Everyone says it was a freak accident. They never would of guessed it to happen in a million years!

So, he has a nerdy friend Nate, who is always typing on his up to date gadgets, and a girl he just met because of a biology project. Jenny. But how is he supposed to work on a project without her finding out about his "home?."

After finding out that that one corporation owns many empty houses and other useful things, he plans who is mom is going to be and what house he is going to use for his "real" house. But after an agonizing incident, leaving Jenny screaming bloody murder down the block, and forcing Jaiden to run away, there is no way he is going to return to the corporation, or his "parents."

But adventure un-ravels on his devious run-away. He runs into a group of older kids, hanging outside of a fast food joint. He is curious as to what they are doing. So, he walks slowly with his bike trying not to catch any attention. After all, he is pretty much a famous kid running away.

Some how though, he gets into the mix of a criminal scene, and is convicted as the criminal. But he escapes. He was found near a river and was taken back to the corporation. With only minor injuries that will lead to bigger problems. What scandalous secrets are being hidden in the corporation? Will it effect Jaiden and his friends? Possibly his future?

I had very many mixed feelings about this book. It wasn't what I expected in so many ways. In the beginning, it was pretty much repeating the same issues, and feelings. I understood that he was beginning to dislike where he lived, but there was very little action. But I cannot say the same about the end. It really started to pick up in the middle and the end. I thought there was plenty of entertainment then. I liked how the main character was almost your typical teenager. Wanting to be free, making their own decisions, and so on. But I thought the whole "first kid to be raised by a corporation" was a little too drastic for this kind of book. But yet, it was a totally different and unique plot too. There really isn't anything bad I could say about this action-packed book, other than it need more action in the beginning. (If that makes sense?) I guess I would recommend this book, but it did move some-what slow in the beginning.

TAGS: Corporations, facilities, teenagers, dating, adventure, risks, risk takers, entertaining.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun-Read-Friday! Guess, Guess, Guess!!!

Hello! Its time to change this whole Fun Read Friday up a bit!

Can I get a heck yes? lol

So this week, their will be 3 winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!
And I will be asking all 3 winners similaiar questions! so we can get some different opinions, comments, and all that good stuff! But instead of having 3 pictures, there will only be one (as usual) So here it is! The mystery book cover! Oh, and scroll down to read the interview with last weeks "fun read friday" winner, paradox! It was a great interview!

I've Been Awarded!

I've been awarded again! Yay!
Thanks so much Neveen for awarding me! click here to visit her blog!

Ok, so here are the awards I am going to give out!

-Ashley (at the compulsiveReader blog)
-The Book Muncher
-The page Flipper

I hope everyone enjoys their award!
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Fun-Read-Friday Winner! Paradox Interview!

Hello everyone! The winner of last weeks Fun Read Friday contest was Paradox! Click here to visit her amazing book blogging website! Here is the interview she gladdly responded to!

1) What first got you started in blogging in general? -
I don't remember when I first found it, but when I discovered there were blogs about books with reviews... even of books that hadn't come out yet, I looked everywhere and bookmarked over 100 blogs. Somehow after that I got interested in something else and forgot about them for a while. I rediscovered the YA blogging community when I was looking for contests back in August 2008. *ashamed* But I realized there was so much more to it than contests. Everyone seemed pretty similar to me... obsessed with books. And I'd been wanting to start a blog... so in November I finally decided to sign up for Blogger, even though I was incredibly busy with National Novel Writing Month, and start my YA sf/fantasy (and writing and randomness) blog.

2) What blog/person/thing most inspired you to blog about books? - I can't really remember a specific blog... it's probably the community as a whole. And the free books. ;) Of course, there's more to it than that, because I love to read and talk about books with my friends, so the idea of reviewing seemed like an extension to this, a way to get my feelings out there.

3) Do you get asked to review books by the author/publisher often? - I just got my first e-mail from an author about this a few days ago!!! The book is Hottie by Jonathan Bernstein, which I had already known about for a month and wanted=2 0to read!!!

4) If you do get asked to review, while reading their book, do you find it less or more fun than reading a book of your choice? - I haven't gotten my first yet... but I imagine that it would depend on the book. I would feel pressured to read the review book, but if another book I had looked really good or I'd been wanting to read it forever...

5) What do you do before you start blogging about a book. Do you search for a post about the same book to get ideas? Or do you just start typing random things about the book? Do you write down your ideas first? - I haven't posted reviews yet, but I am writing some. So yes, I do look around to get an idea of how other reviews are structured and to get a synopsis of the book in case I read the book too long ago to remember all the details. Also, I do take notes about my opinions on a book.

6) While reading a book before you blog about it, do you write down the most important things that happened on paper so you can add it to your review? - Sometimes I type up some of my reactions to the book and ideas for a review into a text file. I'm big on the use of text files because they're so simple. They're good if you just want to write down notes or sentence fragments

7) Was/is there ever a time where you absolutly dread having to read? - Yes... If I have a TBR pile the size of Mt. Everest, especially if m ost of it is library books, the task seems impossible and I almost fear to start reading. That and the times I've had Summer reading for school. I procrastinated so long once that I had to read the Iliad in a day (well, 27 hours, counting the moments when I ate and slept.) *shiver*

Thanks so much for your amazing, and amusing answers Paradox!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In My Mailbox...

Ok, so today, I only got one book in the mail, but I should be getting my PulseIt book any day now! I'll keep you updated! But as for now, this is the book I got:

At first when I opened that yellow envelope, I was a bit terrified of the cover. Yes, I know, dont judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, you have to. After reading the back of it, it actually caught my attention, and now I cannot wait to read this!!!
I got this as a review copy from the wonderful, Bookdiva website, and I didnt necassarily ask for this. I wanted to be surprised, and they sent me a random YA Book.
I totally understand the saying "everything happens for a reason!" now because I know if I hadnt of said to surprise me, I never would have given this book a second thought. (I really do hate admitting it....)

Friday, January 9, 2009


Author: Jerry Spinelli
Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

This is an extra-ordinary story about the Holocost. It is told through the eyes of a younger boy, and innocent Jew. He has no idea what the "jackboot" (nazi) is meant for. Through his eyes, they are his friends. He looks up to them. But we all know what a Nazi wants. Total destruction. To terminate the young, the old, the helpless, the poor. But Misha has no clue. He is a gypsy. He only sees Jews die. He never knew about the Gypsies. He never knew he is wanted for death too.
Through the eyes of his older campanions, he is stupid. Useless. But not all that useless. He is small enough to steal and run away before the rich ladies in fur catch him. He knows his way. But one night while bunking in a barn, a pile of all kinds of food before him, they are caught by the Nazis, being forced into the ghetto. Along with his neighbor. Who happens to be a Jewish girl.
He believes the Ghetto will be a wonderful place to live. A place of their own. Outside of the judgemental world. A world that is used for killing, torturing, and hate. But he never knew the Ghetto would be worse. Death surrounding him along all the streets he walked. Lifeless bodies covered only in newspapers. Shoes being stolen off of the dead, used for other unfortunate Jewish people.
One by one, he notices life decreasing, and the smell of death arising. Everything is gray. Boring,. Dead. Realization is now a purpose.
After switching between sleeping with the group of boys who fed him, and taught him how to survive outside of the Ghetto, he also gets to know the little girls family too. Jermaina. But she is young and foolish, copying every move of his. Yelling at some of the Nazis on guard, or stealing food from other Jews. But one day, on the brink of starvation for the whole family, he comes across a hole, just big enough for him to squeeze through. And get to heaven. The other side. Night after night, he scavenges for food. Either in trash cans, along the empty streets, or in food cellars, he always brings enough for him, the family, and some of the orphans.

But then the Nazis discover people bringing in food, surviving.
Misha later finds out that one of the boys that lived with him outside of the Ghetto was hung, dangling from a lamp post, with a sign around his neck, he discovers what dangers await him.

Will he be caught?
Personally, this book was just too sad. I hate learning about the Holocost, all of the children that died, along with the mentally ill, the young, and the old. It just makes me sick, that someone can actually do that, and get away with it for a long period of time. It's almost as if its surreal. And the book presented the hardships of being a Jew during the '30's-40's, and I broke out in tears at the end. In the end, some one dies, and I will not tell who, but it just made me feel sick to my stomache. I wish this horrible time period never happened. I dont think I will ever read another book about the holocost again. Overall, this book was showed with true feelings, and inless you get emotional easy, then dont read it. Otherwise, if you like to study the Holocost, or WWII, then I guess I recommend it.
TAGS: War, death, world war 2, Jewish, GErmans, Nazis, hate, stupidity, stealing, killing, murders, innocent.


Hey people! Sorry about the late post for Fun-Read-Friday! Here it is!

In My Mailbox...

Hey! I noticed that almost every book blogger did this In My MailBox event. So I am joining the "club"!!!
Ok, so I had gotten Teens, Inc. sent and signed by the amazing author!

Rowan Of the Wood, sent my the amazing authors!

And last but not least.....Jewels Treasured By Her Family sent by the amazing author!

I cannot wait to read/review these! THey all look amazing!
I should also be getting a review copy from PulseIt any day now, so i'll keep you all informed!

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Butterfly Award!

Hey everyone! I just got an award from Yan! Click here to visit her book blog!
Ok, so since I was lucky enough to be awarded, I will award 6 more bloggers! Here they are!

**The Page Flipper** for being an amazing reviewer! I love her blog!
**Laina** for helping me make my blog a better blog! And for being such a random friend =P
**Carol** for keeping up to date with her blog and reviews
**Lexi** for answering all of my questions, and for being such a great friend throught the process
**Liv's book reviews** for keeping her blog simple and up to date! Love it!
**Tasha** for her entertaining reviews and blog!!

But WAIT!!! It is now your job to pass out the same award! Here are the rules!
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The Substitute Kid

TITLE: The Substitute Kid
AUTHOR:Joseph K. Smith

What would you do if your dad made the greatest invention of all, and you could put it into good use? But there may be consinquences to your actions?

Michaela's dad is a scientist that owns his own lab. One at work, and one at home. She thinks that is the most coolest thing a kid could ask for, even her best friend Jessica believes that. After he unveils his most greatest invention of all, Michaela is amazed, and shocked at the same time. Almost to weird. But Jessica, on the other hand, is so thrilled that such a thing is possible. To have your very own twin robot, that looks EXACTLY, and even acts the same as you.
After getting back at her brother for scaring her and Jessica, her parents arent too sure about her. She has been getting detention, and groundings that seem to last for years! After all, the fourth grade isnt so easy.
Especially when they have to take a huge history exam, to show the teacher's they are ready to move onto the fifth grade. Michaela isnt so sure she can pass it. Actually, she knows she cannot pass it. She tries to study, but everything she reviews, never stays in her memory to put into good use. Thats when the plan comes into play. After visiting her dads lab once more, and learning more about her twin robot, her dad decides to put it into safe keeping at home, while he is away. She knows the plan will work. Afterall, it did work when the robot pitched a no hitter inning, and cracked a home run. And the best part, no one even knew it wasnt the real Michaela!!
After finalizing the plan, she decides to make up a note, stating the real Michaela's cousin will be visiting Boston, all the way from Chicago. Only, the robot will act as the real Michaela, and Michaela will act as the robots cousin.
But will her teacher and parents discover her devious plan? Will the robot fail the test, and force the real Michaela to go into a whole nother year of 4th grade?

Even though this book was only 54 pages in length, it kept me going. It was packed with humor, and made me imagine what it was like to be a grade schooler again. Why can't everything be as simple as it was back then? I loved the imaginary plot of this book. It was something far different than what I have read in a long time, and it kept me amused. In some parts, though, it almost moved to fast, and there wasnt as much detail as I hoped. I think the plot was a great one, and I would of loved it if it were a longer story. This is a great story idea, and I loved the author's writing style, even though there wasnt much detail. It was enough to get by though. I loved getting inside the head of a grade schooler the most. Everything seems to easy and simple to the main character, Michaela, that some parts made me laugh. It was quite funny to see her worry over a 4th grade test, even though it wasnt to her. I know that might sound weird, but you will understand once you read this book. I do recommend it, because it is a fast and amusing read, I read it in one sitting. It was packed with humor, there is nothing I could honestly complain about. If you ever come across this book, I suggest you read it.

TAGS: Humor, funny, cute, girl, school, test, bully, robot, science, brothers, mischevious, brave, young, friends, friendships.

Blogger Interview!

Hey everyone! Here is this weeks (as of last friday) Fun-Read-Friday winner!!! Instead of hosting just your blog, I am going to do an acutal interview with you!!! So here it is: an interview with the blogger herself, Hope!! Click here to visit her blog.
1) What inspired you to start blogging about books?
My blog actually wasn't a book blog when it started. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I started, it was kind of just a... whatever-I-feel-like-posting blog. I started it on a snow day last February, and after I found two extremely awesome book blogs - The Story Siren and The Page Flipper - I decided to make mine a YA book reviewing blog, because I pretty much read all the time.

2) Do you feel tied down to reviewing books, and feel as though you dont enjoy the books as much as you do when read what you want?
I don't really feel tied down by reviewing books. I only take offers if I think I'll like the book. If it's something I don't think I'll like, I nicely turn the offer down. I still enjoy reading books as much as I used to, and I think that blogging has maybe even helped me enjoy them more, because now I can discuss the books with other people who also love reading.

3) How long have you been blogging about books?
I've been blogging about books since February of last year. It's almost been a year already, but the time has flown by really fast. :]

4) By estimating, how many authors/publishers do you think have contacted you to review their book(s)?
Oh, goodness. Uhm... I honestly have no idea. It's been quite a few, and I know that everytime I get another review offer I am shocked, haha. But.. even by estimating, I really couldn't tell you, because I have no idea. Sorry!

5) Do you ever get bored of blogging?
There's times when I go through lulls in my blogging. Usually when I go through a reading lull and can't and don't feel like reading anything is when I get bored with blogging a little bit. That's only happened once or twice, though. Usually if I'm not blogging, I have been reading, I just procrastinate a lot. :]

6) Do you do any challenges for your blog like the 100 book challenge?
I did a bunch of challenges last year, but I failed at most of them. The two I did complete were the 2k8 challenge and the 100+ Book Challenge. The two I decided to do this year were those two again - the 100+ Challenge and the '09 Debut Author Challenge. I enjoyed both of them last year, and I hope I do again this year.

7) How much do you read a day?
This depends. Usually, if it's a school week, I can only read 50 or so pages a day, unless I get really into a book, then it's the whole book. If we're on break or it's summer I can read one to two books a day, depending on the length and what I have going on.

You can learn more about Hope and her blog by clicking this link! She has an amazing blog, and I really reccommend that you check it out, and follow if you currently aren't following!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Language Of Elk

TITLE: The Language Of Elk
AUTHOR: Benjamin Percy
Out of the stories in this one book, only one I liked. This one, was about a mom and son who escape abuse from the guy she married, and from the father he befriended. While staying at the boys aunts farm, he learns how to trap game, and sell it. He also gets to know a powerful deer he and his mom accidently collided with along the way. He some how magically came to life, and I really honestly thought it was too fake. Along with the others, there was no message within the pages. This is a short review, because there isnt much in this book to talk about. Many of the stories were to weird, I had to stop reading them, and take a break. One of the most weirdest stories I read was about a father and son who searched all over the desert for ancient artifacts, and even dead carcasses. They come across a decease, ancient indian body, and display it in their home which looks like a museum. A strange lady then discovers the body, and runs from her boyfriends house, to tell the indian comunity.
Once again, in The Language Of Elk, it had short stories. To sum up most of the stories, they were meaningless to me. When I finished one story, I would think to myself, Was There a Purpose?
I wouldnt reccomend this book to anyone, because to me, it is a waste of time. There may be people out there that loved this book, and that is fine for me. But I personally hated this book, and couldnt wait to finish it. I didn't even expect this, but out of nowhere, some unwanted detail appeared, and I was really disgusted with that.
TAGS: Graphic detail, circus, elk, indian, abuse

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rebel In Blue Jeans

TITLE: Rebel In Blue Jeans
AUTHOR: Beverly Stowe McClure

The back of the book says it all right. What is Rebel supposed to do when her mother runs away with a drummer from a rock band? Sure, Rebel and her mother weren't that close, but close enough for her to miss her runaway mother, but how is she supposed to feel about her mother, Liz, abandoning her?

Rebel loves the country, and all of the animals her huge farm holds, but the only person Rebel has to talk to and confide in is her father. But he turns to drinking alcohol, doubting the relationship him and his run-away wife once had. He believes it is his fault for not giving her the attention she wanted. Life was better when Rebel was younger, just starting to ride pony's and swim in the lake, but as times went on, the relationship grew farther apart. Until Rebels mom had to find peace within a city, not the country.

So it's just Rebel and her animals. But don't forget about the over-protective Garret boys.
They live close enough to Rebel to destroy her life but bring her happiness through the rough times. They live to protect her, and invade in her private life with other boys. Especially when she meets Rick. He goes to college, and has a body every girl dreams their boyfriends should have. When they begin to date, Sully and Will defend and warn her that he is not all he is made out to be. Drugs, parties, and other things that make him a negative person don't bother Rebel. Everyone has their faults. But she believes he is a better person now.

Several days pass, and Rebels mom plans for her to come and visit Bo and their new life for an entire month, wanting her to possibly live with them. But Rebel cannot leave her life behind. Her animals, her dad, the farm, or the Garret boys. The month came and went, and Rebel discovers why her mother had to run, and a new life that could possibly be hers.

Will Rebel change her mind and live with her run-away mom and a possible rock band druggie? Will she discover Ricks true figure, or will she wait until she finds it for herself?

At first I wasn't sure how I would like this book. Thinking it would be chick-lit plot, I didn't think it would turn out to my liking. But as I got farther into it, I discovered it was far from being a chick-lit. It had true meaning to it, and not just boys, and dating.

There were so many different emotions running through it, it kept me waiting 'till the very end. I knew exactly how Rebel felt, because it described in such great detail. I have never experience what it's like when parents split up, and having to choose sides, but I got a piece of that in this book. Knowing how hard it was to choose who's side she felt more comfortable living with, even though it was an obvious choice not to leave her dad, farm and animals behind, but she discovered her mom didn't just run away. She ran away for a better life. One she knew she had always wanted. She found out that Bo, her step dad, was a very caring person, drug free, and enjoys kids, and was an everyday guy, caring for his family. It was hard for me to decide whom I liked better. They each had reasons for the turnout of things, and I felt that it made the story more realistic. I recommend this to anyone.

TAGS: Divorce, animals, farm, boys, dating, humor, depressed, leaving, lonely, cousins, realistic fiction

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reading Challenges?

I want to do some newPhotobucket and exciting book and reading challenges for this year, but I'm not exactly sure about any other ones other than the 100 book challenge (which I am doing right now) and the A-Z author/book challenge. Could someone fill me in on some new and exciting ones I could do? Thanks so much!