Thursday, August 21, 2008

Outside Beauty

Shelby and her sisters are fathered by 4 different men. Her mom thinks looks are important. She collects men like crazy. spends money and gets gifts all the time. She has great looks and is always complimented by them. Not only does she have great looks, she is brave, and is not scared. The four girls just cant live without eachother. But when there beautiful mother gets into a serious car accident, the girls are split up between there fathers. Now, all by themselves. They go out, just like there mother, unscared, and try to live with each other again. But with Maddie's hard core dad, will they ever live together again? Will there mother live?
I loved this book so much. it wasnt exactly what I was thinking, but It was more. It taught you about how looks aren't really that important, and shows a great relation between 4 sisters. This is a great book for anyone to read!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hell Phone

All Nick wanted was a cheap cell phone to call his girlfriend, Jen, with. One that was the cheapest because he doesnt have much money. It was one of the cheapest because it had no Caller ID but had Games From Real Hell on it. Once he buys the dangerous phone, people keep calling him, making demands, calling for help, and one even calling him so he could get out of Hell. Once he gets Fleck out of hell, secrets unravel, and it all makes sence. Why he wanted out of Hell, and why the lady that kept calling is afraid of a kid named Rusty. But Rusty gets in the way of Nick relationship with Jen, and he is jealous, but needs to protect her at the same time. He has stolen equipment for the phone, and soon he will kill. But will he kill for the right reason? Tang warned him, but who is right? This book has Scam written all over it.
I LOVED this book! It was the most differently written book I have ever read. I loved the ending, but had gotten confused a bit. This book had tons of adventure in it, and it was very suspencful! I recommend it to anyone, even though it got a little creepy in the middle!

Friday, August 8, 2008


AUTHOR: Meg Cabot

Emmerson Watts is not like other girls. She doesnt care about what she wears, regular jeans and a comfy tee shirt will work. Trying to get through school, and trying to avoid the Walking Dead is her main goal. And sharing this goal with her best friend, who happens to be a guy, Christopher. They like to play computer games together, and watch surgery shows also. Her sister Frida thinks they both are total losers. Especially Chris with his hair past his shoulders!

When Em is forced to take her sister Frida to the Stark Megastore's grand opening, this is where she will never feel like her self, LITTERALY.

After meeting Gabriel Luna, a hot british singer/songwriter and Nikki Howard, the hottest teen model, Frida and chris is there when she meets her death. You could say the flat screen just fell out of the sky, but it was the protesters against the store that really caused it. The paint ball made it come loose and fell right on top of Em. But strange enough, Nikki Howard passed out at the same time.

In the hospital for over a month, going through surgery, she comes to find out that she will never be herself, never.
It turns out that Emerson Watts had died, but they used Nikki's body to put Emmerson's brain in. But she cant let anyone know about this because if she does, her parents will get charged 2 million dollars, and possible jail time.
So, will "Nikkie" Howard ever become her "normal" self again? Or will the modeling buisness be too hard due to her "amnesia?"

I really liked this book. Although it wasn't really what I had expected, I still loved the way it came out in the end. This was by far different than anything I have read, and I really enjoyed it. It wasnt predictable much, but in some parts, you could have a pretty good picture of what was going to happen. The plot was astonishing, and couldnt be written any better. though one thing did make me mad. I was terrible mad at the fact that everyone thinks Emmerson Watts is dead, ever her best friend Christopher. I wish she would just tell him and get it over with. Even though that would go against the rules, I still cant stand it! Otherwise, this was a great read, and I cant wait for the sequel!

TAGS: Drama, body switching, mind, powers, model, double life, fiction, popular, regular, exciting, fun, great.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Thousand Never Evers

AUTHOR: Shana Burg
Title: A Thousand Never Evers

Overall Review: 4/5- Great

Set in times when it is difficult to be a different color, Addie has to survive the racism in her town. She is starting the Seventh grade, and walks with cool breeze. But then something terrible happens. Her brother is missing, when he beets up someone that is making fun of them and tries to stell her cat, he runs for his life. Then isnt found. Still having to go to school and working for a friend, a will of someone who has passed leaves a huge garden for the whole community, black or white.. But when the whites take over the garden, leaving nothing for the blacks, someone grows butter beans all over the garden, at an after noon picking. then the whites blames addie's uncle for the crime, and goes after him. Can he make it without being murdered? Will they ever find Addie's brother? And will the whites ever becom friends with the blacks?
I really loved this book. It had sentimental value to it, and i havent read a book like this in a while. It shows just how far we have come as a society, and how we can all become friends, no matter how much of a difference there is. Because we are all one, and we need to keep it that way. I loved it!

TAGS: Slavery, west, girl, racism, realistic fiction, murder, hate, powerful

Author Interview! Stephanie Hale, author of Revenge of the Homecoming Queen and Twisted sisters!

1) Were you ever prom/homecoming queen in high school?

I was nominated to the homecoming court one year, but sadly, I was never queen!
2) Is there anything embarassing that had ever happened at your Prom/Homecoming dance that you can remember to you or other people?

The year of my junior prom on a group trip to the bathroom, one of my friends ran into a brick wall because she was staring at her crush! We still laugh about it.
3)Where did the theme of the book Revenge come from?

When I was a freshman, the boys in our class voted the least popular guy to the homecoming court. I added some romance, comedy, and mystery and Revenge was born.
4)Did you always want to be an author? If not, when did you find out you wanted to?

No, I wanted to be a zoo keeper, a lawyer, then I just wanted to win the lottery. I wasn't a kid who spent hours making up stories or keeping a diary but I had always loved books. I was about twenty-eight when I finally tried my hand at writing and I haven't stopped since!
5)How long did it take you to finish and publish Revenge and Twisted Sisters?

I had longer to write Revenge because it was my first published novel. Revenge took about nine months and Twisted Sisters took about five months.
6) Where in the world do you get your ideas!? What do you do when you are all out of ideas of a book, or are stuck on a part?
This is always such a hard question. I honestly don't know where I get my ideas. They just started coming to me one day and I hope they never stop. :)
Thanks so much for the wonderful interview Steph!!!