Monday, July 28, 2008

When Lightning Strikes (1-800-Where-R-You series)

TITLE: When Lightning Strikes
AUTHOR: Meg Cabot

Ever since Jeff Day called Jessica's best friend fat, her life has been a complete mess. So, after punching him in the caffetiria she gets another weeks worth of detention. Once she has finished her detention after school, her friend never brought her car because she said they both could use the excersise. But not realizing they will walk straight into an Indiana thunderstorm, this is when trouble strikes. The hail starts, the wind picks up, and the thunder booms as Ruth and Jess hide for cover. Knowing that your not supposed to hide under metal when there is dangerous lightning they do anyways, to hide from the large hail.
Then lightning strikes, and thats where the book starts to take off. Waking up knowing where missing kids are after seeing there face's on the milk carton frightens Jess. Thinking it is the right thing to do, she calls the number 1-800-Where-R-you to tell them where the two kids are. One including Sean. But not knowing that he is hiding for a good reason, they find him and his mom, and arrest his mom for kidnapping. Then the press finds out and is camping out in there front yard, and her brother is having one of his episodes.
So she decides to go to the military base which was offered for her so they can do research on her powers. But what do they really need her for? How will she fix the Sean situation? And, will she keep her powers forever?
This book was amazing and I plan to read the rest of the series. It did throw me off though when they said at the back of this novel, that she will use it for good or for evel...There was really nothing evel that she does in this book. But it was still a good read, and I reccommend it for everyone to read.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Twisted Sisters

TITLE: Twisted Sisters
AUTHOR: Stephanie Hale

Finally! Another year is over and Aspen is moving to college. Rand turned down Harvard just so he can be with her. But this college will deffinatly not be what she imagined. Harry warned her not to join the Zetas, But choose a different soroity such as the betas. But being caught up in the mystery of his missing Niece, she has to find out what happend to her. Since the murder/kidnapping took place in the Zeta house she has to join. The Zetas are being very controlling, and they arent what she expected. She bunks with a girl who always has a book in her hands and never gets to talk with her. Then secrets start to unravel throughout the week, and she is seeing less and less of Rand who is always on a hangover. Angel is having tons of fun in the Beta house which makes Aspen a little jelous knowing she would be having that much fun because she knows deep down inside that is where she belongs, Tobi has come down with a serious illness, and there is a guy hitting on her!!!! Really? What could possibly go WRONG?

I loved this book! I expected her to find Mitzi somewehre in the house though! I really loved the sacrifices Aspen makes to help out her friends, and to save someone she loves, but doesnt even know. The adventure was great, and it kept me at the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to anyone!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Revenge Of The Homecoming Queen review

I wait for the crown to be placed on my head.

The great Aspen Brooks has everything. A great car, a great boyfriend (soon becoming Rand!!), great friends, and great clothes. You can say she has a great life, except something is missing. The Homecoming crown. She has waited for something like this her whole life, but come to find out, she isnt the one receiveing the crown, Angel Ives is. And that is the beggining of trouble. Aspen has come to find out she isnt queen after all but it makes it not so tough when she comes to find that the total nerd of the school is the King!!! Rand. Yuck! What a total nerdo! ha!! Angel must be so p/oed! She is the queen to the total nerd of the school.

Aspen takes it easy, not thinking much about it when she knows who the "royal" couple are. After the announcement is done the students start to scatter, excited for bon fire tonight to celebrate. She notices Angel scatter to the rest room, so Aspen follows her, and there is a horrible message written in cheap lipstick on the mirror. She knows its Angel who had written it because Angel said she was going to pay. And she deffinatly will.

A line of creepy events happen. Tires slashed, disguisting photos, and her missing inhaler almost leading to her death, Aspen knows its Angel. When the Queen disapears, Rand and Aspen fall in love, and arent afraid to show it ever since she has talked about it with her mother. But then her mom is kidnapped. So, maybe Angel isnt faking after all. But if she is missing, then who is the "beauty bandit" that has been torturing Aspen?

I really liked this book!!! It had so many surprises in it, and it had me at the edge of my seat the whole time reading it. I am totally looking forward to the sequel Twisted Sisters. This is one of the best books of the summer, and i really hope everyone gets a chance to read it!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Author Interview: Cecilia Galante!!!!

Here it is!!!! The interview didnt take long at all, and i am so glad Cecilia Galante really cared about this!!!!! Thanks for viewing! She is the author of The Patron Saint Of Butterflies and Hershey Herself, which are both great books!!

1)Did you always want to be an author?

No, for a long time, believe it or not, I thought I wanted to be a nun!! (There are definite shades of Agnes from Patron Saint of Butterflies in me!) The nun dream died, however, when I fell in love for the first time and decided I just could not live my life without boys.
I realized I wanted to be an author, though, when I was in 10th grade and read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. For the first time in my life, I felt as though someone was actually speaking to me through a book and I knew that was what I wanted to do some day for someone else.

2) How did you get the whole plot for the book Hershey Herself? Did you know someone in your life that reminded you of Hershey?

The character of Hershey kind of evolved as I got deeper and deeper into the novel. When I first started writing, for example, the only thing I knew about Hershey was that she hated her mom’s boyfriend. I didn’t know she was going to be overweight or have a best friend named Phoebe or a cat named Augustus Gloop. That all came later.
Some of the circumstances surrounding her, though, especially the battered women’s shelter, were inspired from my own life. A long time ago, I had to go live in a shelter very much like the one in the book because of a man who hurt me. It was an experience that I’ll never forget and when I thought about what my next book after Patron would be, I thought how rich that material was and how privy I was to have experienced it. Pretty soon, I found myself creating a girl who had to go live in a shelter with her mother and figure out how to continue living her life.

3) How was publishing your books like? How long did it take?

It took me a very, very long time. TEN years!! At one point, I had so many rejections coming in that I just quit.
For about three days, I ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, read trashy magazines and watched Lifetime movies. Then I got out of bed and started on something else.
That’s the thing about being a writer – You have to want it enough to keep going, no matter how many people say no.
Remember, it only takes one yes.

4) Do you have any more books you are writing at the time, or plan to write?

Yes!! I just signed a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster, who published Hershey. I have just written the first one, and am hard at work on the second. They will both be mid-grade novels, for kids around the ages of 9-13.
I am also working on another young-adult novel.

5) What is some advice you could give to people who want to become authors?
Don’t take no for an answer.

6) What did you do when you felt you didn’t have any more ideas to write about? Like writers block?

Usually, if the words don’t come, I go for a run. There is something about being outside, moving my body, breathing hard, and listening to my feet slap against the pavement that kick-starts something in my brain again. If that doesn’t work, I usually panic. Or fall into a deep funk. Seriously, I do.
The funny thing is, the words do come eventually, even if I’m sad or freaking out or in some kind of meltdown. If I’m working on something that is really right, I think the story become bigger than me and all my neuroses. It wants to be heard. And it comes out.
Just at its own sweet little pace.

7) Why did you aim more towards the young adult fiction instead of adult fiction?

I didn’t set out to write young adult fiction when I started writing. I just wanted to write a good story. When I sent my agent The Patron Saint of Butterflies, though, she said it was definitely young-adult. At first, I was surprised. Then I was excited. Now I’m thrilled. I love the young-adult world and am honored that such fun, intelligent, and incredibly fantastic kids out there are reading my books!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 book challenge!!!

Ok, So on july 18 I will be starting my 100 book challenge. It will end July 18, 2009. I will be posting the books i get done reading into a list on the sidebar of my blog! I will also be posting a poll if you think i have not enough, enough time to do this challenge. Do you also think I am doing this contest right? Do people usually hold limits of time?

The Hollywood Sisters: Star Quality.

When Jessica, the sister of the famous actress, Eve Oritz moves to a different school she is known as the new girl. then she is known as the picture thief. When pictures start to disapear out of girl's locker's Jess is encountered as the thief. NOt only because the crimes stopped when she went on vacation with her sister, but when ever she is late to class there is always something stolen. Then threats start to appear on paper. Her sister isnt acting right, and her almost boyfriend Jeremy is always busy. Can she figure out what is wrong?
This book was good.. I didnt read the previous books in the series so it might of been better if i did. I liked the adventure and mysteries in it, and this book had tons of it! I would reccomend this book, but I think it would be better if you read it in order unlike I did.