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The Rule Of Won

TITLE: The Rule Of Won
AUTHOR: Stefan Petrucha

My Review:
Caleb Dunne is a major slacker. Everything slides past him un-noticably. He lives with his mom and grandpa, barely making ends-meet, Caleb, barely making it out of high-school. He is known as the one that destroyed the gym when it was in the middle of being rebuilt. After being spotted by Al-den, his "reputation", not only being known as a major slacker, but a disgrace to the school. Destroying the hopes of a new gym.

But he knows he did nothing. He ran because he didn't want to be blamed.
Then Vicky invites him to join The Rule Of One club. A club that meets and discuss what they want or "Crave" in life, and how to get it just by chanting, and believing without having to work for it. Of course, you had to read The Rule of Won to fully understand the club, and that is exactly what Caleb does. In hope that after wishing people would begin to talk to him, and not look at him as a kid that ruined the school's gym, he joins. Not expecting the worse.

At first it sounds too good. How could you just wish for something, and truly believe getting it without working for it is possible? Well, half of the school does. Even teachers wear the club pin.

Ethan is the leader of the club. Teaching the growing club how to iManifest what you want. And then "poof," you'll get it. But something is weird about Ethan. The way he smiles about all of the things they wish for. Evil. Greedily. And even the club is getting a little weird. Some, saying they will bring weapons to school for protection, Cravers forcing non-cravers to chant with them.
but everything they wish for comes true. The money for the school to rebuild the gym, the basket ball game, and everyone getting A's on their math finals. But it comes with a price.

Caleb knows that it was all coincidence when the opposite team loses to a flu epidemic, and SNH wins the game, and when the grant for SNH's money was talked about before Ethan and The Crave wished and chanted for it. But what happened when everyone got A's on their math tests? The math teacher was in a wreck, barely making it. The test was cancelled. Everyone had to retake an easier test by an easier teacher, one that everyone could ace.
After all, you want whatever happens to you deep inside. Even if it is killing yourself. And that is what almost happens to Erica, one of Caleb's best friends. She feels guilty about wishing for an A on the final, not knowing that it would come with a price. She tries to commit suicide. After all, she did want that deep inside, didn't she?
When befriending Moore (the one who said he destroyed the gym), and the rest of the newspaper staff, they begin to know something is weird about this Ethan and his Cravers. But what?

Does the Newspaper crew know something, the Cravers dont? And what's up with those amazing drawing Ethan's sister draws for the crave? Did the math teacher really just Get into a weck, or did someone make it happen to form the Crave into something realistic?

It will all end in one battle, between the cravers, and the non-believers. The school students will turn against each other, whether it involves blood or not. The Cravers will Rule the school.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book. It was far different than anything I have ever read. The plot kept me going, surprises on every page. The whole line of the story was extraordinary, and was one adventure I will never forget. It seemed so realistic, and I felt as if I were there. One thing I didn't care for though, was the ending. I could predict some of it, but there were surprises included as well. I liked the beginning, how it started with Alyssa's, Ethan's sister, point of view on her brother's insanity. She goes against him the whole time he is with The Rule of Won, and I really liked her courage for doing so. This story was simple, and fun to read. It was an easy flowing plot that kept the reader turning page after page, waiting to see what would happen next. I highly recommend this book. It was packed with mystery, adventure, secrets, and humor.
TAGS: Revolt, mystery, clubs, humor, young adult, slacker, teen, high-school, secrets, fun, 5, reccomend.

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Trash Talk review

First off, I want to thank the amazing authors of this helpful book, Dave and Lillian Brummet, for letting me review this for them. Thanks!

This book is more of a guide to helping you save money, while helping the economy by recycling, and reusing things that usually end up in the trash. There were many interesting, and helpful facts that made me realize there is more litter destroying this earth than I thought. I also learned how to reuse everday things, for different jobs. Here are a few fascinating facts I learned from Trash Talk:
  • A glass bottle thrown away yesterday littering an area could still be littering the landscape in year 3000.
  • You can even recycle bars of soap! Gather all of the unuseful pieces of soap into a recycling jar. When you have enough to put to use, blend them slowly in a blender. Add small amounts of water until it consists of a pudding-like mixture. Once it dries you can reuse it as soap to wash hands, cars, or anything else that needs washing!

  • Tires are a biggy. A fact from the book tells the reader that approximatly 3.8 million tires were generated in 1995. 17.5% were recycled.

  • Of all the worlds water, 97% is salt water, 2% is trapped in polar ice and underground springs, and 1% is actually available for human use (drinking and such)

  • On average, a north american sink uses 8 gallons of water a day.

  • 247,000 acres of forest are used just for newspapers.
Now some ideas for reusing everyday things:
  • You can scare away birds when you have a fruit tree beginning to grow by stinging unwanted CD's from the tree. The reflected light scares them without harming them.

  • You can reuse unwanted caps or corks for missing game-board pieces.
  • You can reuse umbrellas by taking the fabric off the top and hang it up to dry soaked/wet clothes.
  • You can reuse birthday/greeting/ cards by taking off the front that is not written on and use it as a post-card.
  • You can help the earth and your money budget by planting a tree! When planting a tree by your house, the shade cools your house by 3-7 degrees, saving you money by less air conditioning money.
  • By recycling, you can keep the earth and land healthy, and your tourism status. Attract tourists by keeping your earth clean, and make money too.
  • Egg shells can be added to a compost bin for healthy soil.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It taught me a lot of interesting facts and ideas about the environment and helping it. There was enough of everything to keep the reader interested, and not make them bord with a book like this. I loved it!

contest winner for Fun-Read-Friday!

Congrats to Yan for winning this weeks Fun-Read-Friday! Click here to visit her amazing book blog. Here is a little bit about Yan:
Yan owns the blog called, and it is used for book reviews, author interviews, and random questions. Her most recent book review is Beautiful Americans. Yan advirtise's contests that other people {bloggers} are hosting.

She currently has 14 followers and would love it if you would follow if you already arent!! So follow!

With a simple blog, it is easy to find what you want without having to look everywhere for it. I absolutly love everything she has done to keep it simple, and different. Great job Yan!!!!
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Where has the time gone?! Fun-Read-Friday!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry! I totally forgot it was Friday! =(
But I'm still going to do the contest!!!!!
Here is the picture of a book to guess!!


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Author Interview! Dave and Lillian Brummet, authors of Trash Talk, and Towards Understanding

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week! I have decided to put up a surprise author interview. I am currently reviewing Trash Talk, Dave and Lillian's guide to help you save the environment, while saving money. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Q: When Writing Trash Talk, how long did it take you to come up with all of that useful information about saving the environment while saving money?

Answer: Well, the concept began 1998 during a discussion with one of the clients of a business I was running then serving the upper middle class. She was ashamed to be seen taking in returnable items (i.e. soda and alcohol containers) because her friends would see her as a “scrooge”. The same thing with getting second hand children’s Halloween costumes – she just couldn’t be seen doing that either. She could see the sense in it, but because her family could afford more she just couldn’t see herself doing these kinds of conscious living activities. But then when the recycling blue box pick up service started in her neighborhood she just had to have that box out there so her neighbors could see she was participating. It was then that I realized that society needed to be shown that waste management was not always a matter of money, it is certainly not about false pride; its about leaving a lasting legacy and living a conscious lifestyle. So when a course I was taking on writing had an assignment on nonfiction articles the Trash Talk articles were born. That column ran for nearly 8 years and was published internationally. Dave helped at every turn in the journey, he was my counselor and supporter, but also my editor and proofreader. Eventually we decided a book was in order and we compiled all of the articles, along with more than 140 resources and a lot of additional information into the book Trash Talk. So all of the information took about 10 years to get to the stage we see in the book now.

Q: Where did you find all of the sources for your research?

Answer: We were both raised by very conscious living parents; their every day activities involved reuse – seeing value in something that would normally be looked at as useless. With that kind of background, it was easy for us to continue the lifestyle when Dave and I began our life as a couple. Over the years we have been members of a variety of organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Granby Wilderness Society, Seeds of Diversity, the Recycling Counsel of BC and Zero Waste San Diego. These organizations, among dozens of others, proved to be invaluable along the way. The Internet is the key to any writer’s career; anything you want to know is there.

Q: Have you ever written any YA or adult fiction before? If not, will you?

Answer: I have several short fiction stories in the works now, but no – neither of us have written fiction as part of our career just yet. Dave has amazing talent with fiction and has several fantastic projects he’s been working on – but time is always a factor for us so these projects are often set aside for months on end. Non-fiction is the most lucrative market for most freelance writers and it is how we began our career, which lead into 3 published books and hosting two radio programs… who knows where we’ll go from here? J

Q: Was it hard to have 2 people writing the same book?

Answer: Not at all. I know a lot of folks might cringe at the idea of working with their spouse, but balance is really the key. Understanding each other’s strengths and knowing when to use them will keep the relationship going. For instance, the research and information gathering, the outline, first and second manuscript drafts are often my responsibility. Dave comes in and works magic with the words, using humor and reaching the audience in a way that it seems we are simply having a cup of coffee and a nice discussion with them – rather than telling them how to do something. His editing, proofreading and rewriting skills are essential to every piece that leaves the office. Dave is a talented musician and is also quite gifted with graphics and photographs – so he handles the CD or book cover designs, various ads, images that accompany our articles and maintains our main website as well ( I do most of the marketing – handling the contacts, keeping track of who needs to be followed up on and setting aside all our records in an orderly way so that Dave can prepare our books for the accountant. I handle the blog, newsletter, myspace site as well as the networking, social networking, and hosting activities for our 2 radio shows. So you see, we work well together because we know how to divvy up the chores and get things done without stepping on each other.

Q: How much did you write a day in general?

Answer: An excellent question. How long I spend writing varies. For the creation of a book like Trash Talk I was writing, editing, rewriting or researching for the book 6-10 hours a day, 6 days per week for almost a year. Once the manuscript was done, there was very little writing for that project except for the query letters, press releases and other items that come about with the marketing end of things.

Q: What are some other things you do to save money, and the environment that you didn't include in Trash Talk?

Answer: Certainly – the book was really only the beginning. In fact the Trash Talk column continued 3 years after the book was published and we could still be writing it today, if we hadn’t decided to move on to other writing activities. With that in mind I suppose one could say there is enough material for a sequel to the book. J For our everyday life – with every project, we look at how we can reuse something rather than purchasing a new product. For instance we gleaned used wood to create more than 1/2 the fencing around our property. The scraps from that project were used to build the raised flowerbeds that now surround our cement pad patio area. We upgraded our car by leasing the safest and most environmental car available that fit our budget. We upgraded our bikes so that we can continue to use them rather then the car whenever the weather allows. For the holiday gift giving season this year we created trays of mixed cookies, cakes and balls; meals of lasagna, stew or enchiladas; and home made ornaments. To present these gifts, we placed them in reusable containers and homemade reusable gift boxes and gift bags.

Q: When you were younger, did you learn basic steps to saving the environment?

Answer: Well sort of. Neither of our parents are environmentalists and both of our parents are just now getting on the recycling systems in the cities where they reside. However we just sort of felt that living that way was right for us and the more we learned to be more environmental, the more we felt at ease in this life. Being gardeners played a huge role in how we felt about the environment. One can see the direct impact of small changes in a micro system, and one can also benefit by being exposed to the myriad and variables of the life there. We grow everything organically – we even build the soil we grow in with healthy compost and worm castings – amending only with kelp meal and a few minerals.

Dave and I both love the environment itself. I was constantly being called off of the mountains by my mother when I was young – being told to get down from the tree or to come into the house. Dave and I found we love to do soft impact activities, meaning we leave very little footprint when canoeing, hiking or mountain biking. When outdoors, we tend to clean up trails and streams, lakes and beaches… and this led to the lifestyle we have today.

Q: What would you say to someone that just littered in front of you?

Answer: It would depend on the situation I suppose. For me it isn’t about pointing fingers and making judgments or accusations… it is about taking personal responsibility. How much better am I if I decide to walk past that item the person just dropped? However, to answer your question, if it was a friend – I’d confront them with their unconscious action in as kind of a way as possible. Some people just haven’t considered the impact that they have. If it the individual was a stranger I’d probably just pick the item up and dispose of it in the recycling bin. The fact that I took action will not be lost on those around me, whether I decide to make a speech or not. They will see me picking up that garbage and that will spark change in their lives. It might sound corny but it is totally true! Let me tell you this story…

About 9 or 10 years ago I started cleaning up the streets around my neighborhood while walking the dog we had then, and was very shy about doing so. I tried to time it so I was out when my neighbors were at work or when they’d be the least likely to see me – or I’d make Dave come out with me. Eventually the work I was doing spread out a little further and I was cleaning by some busier roads. I often worried what those people driving by must be thinking. Then one day I was approached by a neighbor who said she thought what I was doing was wonderful. Then someone drove by and said a similar thing. Soon I realized that some of the garbage I had seen earlier, but hadn’t gotten yet had been removed… and then I noticed this happening time and time again, even on trails where I thought no one was aware that clean up projects had been done. You see, what happened was that people had witnessed the actions we were taking and began taking action themselves because they could see the direct result of it first hand. I didn’t say a thing to anyone - didn’t lecture them about having litter on their property line… didn’t leave little notes on their doors – I just cleaned it up.

Q: What is some advice you would give to anyone that wants to become an author?

Answer: The best advice any author could receive is: Do your research. Whatever stage you are at, whatever you are facing – research it. Find out the details from other authors and research the person or business you hope to work with. Find out what their guidelines and policies are, make a note of the person you will be dealing with. Provide them with exact and complete information.

Always research your market and query them in a professional manner before sending a finished product. Doing it right is essential - there is but little chance to make an impression with a reviewer, editor, reader or publication. However, even with the best of preparation you will be caught off guard or unprepared. Don't sweat it too much if you make a mistake. Think of it as a lesson.

Q: What inspired you most to write about this topic?

Answer: I felt compelled to leave a real legacy – I realized, through a series of accidents, that all one’s degrees and acquirements, their finances or careers… all of it can be taken away in seconds… and what was that person’s efforts worth? What was their value… the reason why they survived and are here today? These are the driving questions that lead me to reach for new ways of creating positive change in this life.

With deeper understanding into the incredible value of individual actions and how little we realized our value as an individual – I was driven even further. I read a study that said that 66% of us would do more positive actions in life if we really felt that it had a measurable impact. Society is so depressed, we feel bombarded by negativity and yet by taking positive action our emotions become elevated and we feel better about life. At the same time, by taking direct action on a daily basis we save money around the home and office, easing financial burdens.

So with this understanding I have felt compelled to continue this project of reaching others, showing them how they can make a real and measurable difference. I am energized when I find a new way of revealing how waste management –even simple things like composting- has a profound impact on the planet. That is why I’m so excited about our Conscious
Discussions talk radio program – it offers us a whole new way of reaching people giving our life meaning by doing so

The Book Of Names

AUTHOR: D. Barkley Briggs
TITLE: The Book Of Names

Hadyn and Ewan have to live their lives day to day without a mom to guide them. Only a father that spends most of his time behind a desk doing research, while the 2 teens must do chores around the farm.

While clearing brush from a vacant field, a major discovery is found. Sharing this discovery, both brothers, Hadyn and Ewan unlock a gateway to a whole new world. Where Fey and trolls live, along with the darkest evils. And these evils are about to win over the whole land. After meeting up with Eldoran, learning that they have been called to The Hidden Lands by several mysterious black "call" birds, that vanished in thin air, Hadyn and Ewan learn their fate. They may never see home again.

A group forms. A mysterious girl, a stubborn troll, and a powerful man. They set off, dangers leading them. After being betrayed, trapped, and close to death, they overcome the most horrid sites, dangerous adventures, and meet face to face with the most powerful evil. Nemesia.

Her goal is to steal a generation of kids, making them believe they are nothing. They aren't loved. She forms an evil army out of them, having them kill.
Thus, every name of a person that has and will be born recorded in The Book Of Names will be erased, leaving them with no past and/or future.

Are Ewan and Hadyn really strong enough to overcome such an evil? Or is this just a dream created within their wild imaginations? Will they ever get home?

Watch as secrets, and shocking facts unravel within every page of this book.

I had mixed feeling within this novel. In the beginning, I really enjoyed this book, and couldn't wait to see what would become of it. But as I got farther into it, the less I wanted to read it. I guess it sort of dragged on a bit, that I became a bit bored with it. There was enough adventure in it for two books, and I think that might of been a part of the problem. Too much adventure can ruin a book, if you know what I mean. But a book with no adventure is down right boring. This was a clever piece of work though. And in some ways I did enjoy the author's imagination exploding within every page. I guess I would recommend this, but it was sort of slow in the middle to end.

TAGS: adventure, evil, fantasy, darkness, death, kidnapping, other worlds, sci-fi, imagination.

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Congratulations to Sharonanne, the winner of Fun-Read-Friday!!!

Here is what it will look like when someone wins the Fun-Read-Friday contest!! Congrats to this weeks winner, Sharon!!!

Sharon hosts a blog called Sharon Loves Books And Cats. You can see all sorts of stuff by following this link. Sharon's interests includes: reading, cats, surfing the net, and watching television. Since she loves to read, some of her favorite books include: 1984, Century Rain, The Day of The Triffids. Some book categories she enjoys are sci-fi, YA and mysteries. She owns a very sophisticated blog, and gets down and serious about books. She seems like a very reliable reviewer, and I would deffinatly recomend her blog to anyone interested in books, reading, random discussions, and don't forget cats! Great job Sharon!!! Click here to visit her blog.

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Ok, so this is the first ever Fun-Read-Friday contest at my blog! Click here to read the rules and guidlines if you are new, or cannot remember. Below is the picture you have to guess!!! The person to guess it first/right gets the prize! Click here to learn about the prize! Good luck! I prefer you to email me the answer, but if you want, you can reply to this post. But if you do reply, and you get it wrong, you're narrowing down the answers for other people! Good luck!!!
Guess, Guess, Guess!!!

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Revolutionary Road earns awards!!!

I hope you all have gotten the chance to view the advirtisement for the amazing movie Revolutionary Road, soon to hit theatres. Well, it turns out that the soon to be movie has already earned 4 GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS!!! Yes! You read it correctly, 4!!!!!

Several quotes from the editors, actors, and resent movie stars quoted:

From Winslet:
“I can't believe it! I am incredibly grateful for these nominations. I am so honored and proud to be included this year, in the company of all these incredible women and alongside my on screen and off screen husbands! And to be a part of two of the best picture nominees! I am very very happy today!”
Mendes stated:
“We are all delighted and honored that the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized the film in such a generous way. This was a labor of love for all of us and to see it being received in such a positive way is very gratifying.”
This is going to be the movie of the year
Paramount Vantage's release of the movie received four nominations for this years' Golden Globe, including Best PIcture, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Director.

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Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution

TITLE: Buggy Crenshaw and The Deadwood Principle: Evolution
AUTHOR: R.M. Wilburn

Just as an adventure ended for the "powerful" Buggy Crenshaw, another one has just meerily begun. In her last adventure with her two friends, Sid and Veronica, they defeated the powerful Electrolosis, and his plans to take over the world. The same is just beginning.

Buggy has been blind to the clues her experimental dad and secretive mom have tried to give her and her brother Frank about being magical, like all the other residents in Lloyds Hollow. Time is rewinding, and Buggy has to figure out why and how. FAST. When evel starts to represent itself throughout the secret society, only Buggy and her friends can stop it.

Her mom leaves her with mysterious things she says will help her. Along with plenty of warnings. A talking frog called Filly is packed with Buggys things along with many others. But the dreaded frog rhymes, with everything he says, and he makes the journey much more complicated. As she journeys out, her brother tosses her a book, just before he is taken away for safety from the evel Intruders. Felix and The Cowardly King. Even though her brother said this would bring much helpfullness, it would also bring death.

She sets out to find the Mysic cabin, where she will meet up with Veronica and Sid, and where she will also meet up with destiny. But first she meets up with the mysterious Otis Blue, who helped out quite a bit on her last adventure.

But she notices he is trying to keep her away from the cabin, and she has no idea why. She finally summons the cabin, after hours of hiking behind Otis, no idea where he is leading her. Sid and Veronica dont trust Otis. And there might be a reason why. Buggy just doesnt see it yet.

Evel is getting closer, and they know they cannot save the world by themselves. They need to depend on someone of a higher magic status. Someone they must summon before its too late. And thats when Buggy remembers her mom telling her to summon Tara Foxpride, no matter what. After she suggested this to her friends, they scowl in disbelief, thinking Buggy's mom is a traitor of the Greater Good. Is she? Would that explain the flowers she left by Buggys bed, to erase everything about magic inside her mind? Or is it for the Greater Good?

Veronica only believes in magic, not imagination. But if they use magic, that will only attract the evil to them more, and if that were to happen, the whole world will be consumed by it. Having there adventure being taken on by foot, many interesting things happen along the way. Buggy secretly summonsd Felix from Felix the Cowardly King book Frank had managed to give to Buggy just before everything would take place, and he would guide them through. But if Veronica wont believe, they cannot overtake this adventure together. And the evil that cast itself among the Earth, will consume every last one of them. Will Veronica believe? Or will she use magic, and reveal everything they know?
"Drastic times call for Drastic Measures"

I ABSOLUTLY loved this book. In my opinion, it was much more adventurous than the first, and it was a very simple and magical read. Twists and turns grasp each and every page, and no review could explain the magic that lies within this book. I tried to include everything in this book in this one review, but couldn't. There would be so much to explain, it would turn out to be a whole nother blog!!! One thing I thought was very cute, was the rhyming frog, Filly. I absolutly loved his rymes, and found them to be quite clever. I absolutly loved that frog!!! This book was so amazing, I couldnt put it down. Everything came to a surprise to me, even if i suspected it or not. Half the time I didnt even know what would happen, and when I would take a guess, the very opposite would occur. One thing though, that really bugged the heck out of me, was the obnoxious character Veronica. She simply had no imagination, and she only trusted herself and magic. But once she found out from Buggy and Sid's future selves, that she would be dead if she just simply wouldnt believe, everything reversed into a turnaround. There are not enough words to explain this extraordinary story. I highly recommend the first 2 books of this series!!!

TAGS: Mysterious, evil, devil, black magic, murder, adventure, traitor, evolution, inventor, series, cat.

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THE 2 WINNERS ARE.........

Hey! Congrats to Robin for being the first winner of my 2 book giveaway contest! Robin was the first name I drew and TruBlu was the second! Congratualions Robin and TruBlu! Robin will get first choice between the 2 books, Sams Quest, and The Royal Trident! TruBlu will get what Robin did not choose!!!!! Congratulations!

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Revolutionary Road sneak peak and previews!

What is it about?

Adapted from the landmark novel by Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road is an incisive portrait of an American marriage seen through the eyes of Frank (three-time Academy Award® nominee Leonardo DiCaprio) and April (five-time Academy Award® nominee Kate Winslet) Wheeler. Yates’ story of 1950’s America poses a question that has been reverberating through modern relationships ever since: can two people break away from the ordinary without breaking apart? Frank and April have always seen themselves as special, different, ready and willing to live their lives based on higher ideals. So, as soon as they move into their new house on Revolutionary Road, they proudly declare their independence from the suburban inertia that surrounds them and determine never to be trapped by the social confines of their era. Yet for all their charm, beauty and irreverence, the Wheelers find themselves becoming exactly what they didn’t expect: a good man with a routine job whose nerve has gone missing; a less-than-happy homemaker starving for fulfillment and passion; an American family with lost dreams, like any other. Driven to change their fates, April hatches an audacious plan to start all over again, to leave the comforts of Connecticut behind for the great unknown of Paris. But when the plan is put in motion, each spouse is pushed to extremes – one to escape whatever the cost, the other to save all that they have, no matter the compromises. Directed by Sam Mendes (Academy Award® winner American Beauty), from a screenplay by Justin Haythe, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and features an accomplished supporting cast including Academy Award® winner Kathy Bates, Kathryn Hahn (Boeing-Boeing) Michael Shannon (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, BUG) and David Harbour (Awake). The film’s producers are John Hart, Scott Rudin, Sam Mendes and Bobby Cohen; and the executive producers are Marion Rosenberg, David M. Thompson and Henry Fernaine.

Release Date: December 26th, 2008

Revolutionary Road is a book as well as a movie, soon to hit theaters near you Dec. 26, 08. This is an extraordinary book, and it is highly recomended. The movie will be as well.

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Detective Jermain, volume #1

TITLE: Detective Jermain
AUTHOR: Misako Rocks!

Jermain has always had the dream of being a professional detective. Her father died when she was younger, and he also had the dream of being a detective. Now, starting high school, college just months away, she isnt sure what is in store for her in the future. Her 2 friends, that happen to be boys, Andy and Travis, already know where they want to go for college, and they are guiding her, and are there for her, no matter what she chooses. She later finds out both Andy and Travis have huge crushes on her too!
The perfect opportunity for her to use her detective skills when everything at her high schools becomes strange. After a close friend, Mike, gets killed in a car accident, along with a teacher, everyone is acting the same way Mike did before he met his final fate. Clueless. Jermain knows something is up, but Andy and Travis just dont see it. Until people are being mugged, even teachers are acting strange. They follow clues, and decide on many suspects that might be causing this school wide chaos. Until they find out the true suspect. Could it be Claire, and her evil brother causing it all? Or could it be someone close, someone they would never suspect?

At first I wasnt sure how I would like this book. I have never really read a comic before, but once I finished the first page I was hooked. There was just enough romance I could bare (I'm not much of a romance novel fan) and plenty of mysteries! I absolutly loved this book, and nothing else could of been added to make it any better! I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out, and read more by the author!

TAGS: Mystery, suspence, romance, murder, amazing, fiction, comic, japanese, asian, action, fun, girl