Friday, August 8, 2008


AUTHOR: Meg Cabot

Emmerson Watts is not like other girls. She doesnt care about what she wears, regular jeans and a comfy tee shirt will work. Trying to get through school, and trying to avoid the Walking Dead is her main goal. And sharing this goal with her best friend, who happens to be a guy, Christopher. They like to play computer games together, and watch surgery shows also. Her sister Frida thinks they both are total losers. Especially Chris with his hair past his shoulders!

When Em is forced to take her sister Frida to the Stark Megastore's grand opening, this is where she will never feel like her self, LITTERALY.

After meeting Gabriel Luna, a hot british singer/songwriter and Nikki Howard, the hottest teen model, Frida and chris is there when she meets her death. You could say the flat screen just fell out of the sky, but it was the protesters against the store that really caused it. The paint ball made it come loose and fell right on top of Em. But strange enough, Nikki Howard passed out at the same time.

In the hospital for over a month, going through surgery, she comes to find out that she will never be herself, never.
It turns out that Emerson Watts had died, but they used Nikki's body to put Emmerson's brain in. But she cant let anyone know about this because if she does, her parents will get charged 2 million dollars, and possible jail time.
So, will "Nikkie" Howard ever become her "normal" self again? Or will the modeling buisness be too hard due to her "amnesia?"

I really liked this book. Although it wasn't really what I had expected, I still loved the way it came out in the end. This was by far different than anything I have read, and I really enjoyed it. It wasnt predictable much, but in some parts, you could have a pretty good picture of what was going to happen. The plot was astonishing, and couldnt be written any better. though one thing did make me mad. I was terrible mad at the fact that everyone thinks Emmerson Watts is dead, ever her best friend Christopher. I wish she would just tell him and get it over with. Even though that would go against the rules, I still cant stand it! Otherwise, this was a great read, and I cant wait for the sequel!

TAGS: Drama, body switching, mind, powers, model, double life, fiction, popular, regular, exciting, fun, great.


ChickLit Teens said...

Tag! Check out my blog for details.

addicted reader said...

Ok! lol

capricorn said...

I think the next book will be good . . . I don't know when it will come out though =]

addicted reader said...

I think possibley sometime next spring??? lol, just guessing!
but the first one wasnt really what I espected. I got confused through out it a bit.

ChickLit Teens said...

Awesome review! I just got a chance to read it, great job. I read this book when it came out and I absolutely loved it. It was another one of those books that wasn't what I expected but ended up loving.

P.S. Noticed a typo in it. Nikki not Nikkie. ^^

addicted reader said...

Lol, Thanks!!!!
i thought i was the only one expecting something completely different!!! But i still did love it!

Em said...

Definitely not what I expected either but I really liked it. :)

addicted reader said...


wdebo said...

ooh I love Airhead, I can't wait for Being Nikki to come out next!!! :D Prob come in December of this year...exciting!!!!