Saturday, January 2, 2010

FTC Regulation On Blogger's?

I've heard about a possibility that a FTC regulation law may be passed concerning blogger's who review items that are mailed to them, or reviewing items, such as books.  But I am not too sure if it had passed, and I want to make sure what it is about, so I won't get into trouble with the law.  Could anyone inform me on what I should be doing to be on the safe side? 


Anonymous said...

I believe it's only a problem if certain individuals get paid to review books and or other items by corporations etc. Other than that, when you receive a book, just put in your review who and where you got it from and you should be more than okay. :)

runa said...

They passed this on December 1st:

So basically, if you get free books, you have to disclose that.

Here's a good guide for what you should be doing:

Hope this helps!

addicted reader said...

oh, ok! I see, I thought you had to do all this complicated stuff to prevent getting into legal trouble haha! Wel thanks for clearing things up guys! I appreciate it!