Friday, September 12, 2008

The Strand Prophecy book 1

First off, I would like to say thank you to Cheryl for having me review this superior book. I really enjoyed it!!!! Thanks again!!!! So here is the review of the book:

Taking off in front of the White House, the harbringer arises. Knowing that the world is going through a fast paced evolutionary cycle, Strand, the Harbringer, must act quickly to save millions of innocent lives. Strand tries to tell the President all of this info, but he wont listen. He needs proof. He tried once but wont succeed. Releasing the chapters of The Strand Prophecy, that will not even convince the President that the Earth is in grave danger.

Gaia is a place where all of Strands exoskeletons and important experiment's are stored, and half of the time he is known as Steve Cutter. Owning a lab, and discovering strands that are placed on the brain to know more and succeed at more then any human could possibly think of, he has 2 identities. And he must keep Steve Cutter hidden from Strand. Strand battles against mighty forces, and evolutioned animals, that are tougher and more enhanced than ever, while keeping them away from humanity. Now having tough groups of U.S Miliatary Forces gaining on him, wanting him to be destroyed for scarying humanity from the truth, he practically lives on Gaia.

When he discovers Dr. Vitinami, a close friend of Steve Cutter, "dies" due to a "plain crash" ( that was an excuse to hide the real evidence, he really "died" from poisonous animals) in a battle against huge and vicious animals in Brazilia, Steve Cutter almost lost his Niece, Anna, while he was there also, and knew she had to leave, and get far away from his experiments, and danger they will bring. It turns out that Vitinami was paralyzed from a toxin the animals excrete to eat their prey alive. He was a science experiment to the military.

When Stand (Steve Cutter) rescues him, there is nothing for Strand to do to get his old friend back. But he could always make him Vitinami, but something more, just like Stand. So he implants strands to his brain, and makes a black chrome exoskeleton, similiar to Strand's, and they help to save the world together.

E, a helpful doctor aboard Gaia, assists Steve come up with results to help with the dangerous species arising.
But will Strand get caught up with double identies, and lose them, or will dangerous evolutionized animals take over humanity and the Earth?

The Strand Prophecy is a fast paced book that makes you hang off the edge of your seat. Bursting with tons of action and suspenceful moments, it makes you feel as if you are there battling evil with Strand. I recommend this science fiction book to anyone out there looking for a festive-engaging book.

TAGS: action, science, fun, discovery, amazing, end of the world.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review! I can't wait to read this one. I have a copy in my "TBR" pile.

And thanks for hosting the Winners too. The girls are simply amazing.


addicted reader said...

Thanks so much for having me review it!!! it was very exciting, and the book trailor makes you want to read it even more!!!!! They deffinatly are amazing!