Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Outsiders

This is a story about a "gang" of friends and brothers, who are more like family than anything. But living with a label, The Greasers, makes them stick together through anything. The Greasers and Socs. are rivals, with the Greasers being more lower class, living on anything they could put to good use, and the Socs. getting everything handed to them without working for it. The Greasers stick together through this epic novel, even with one death. The story unravels through PonyBoys point of view, a member of the Greasers. This story holds the life of a real teen, and everyday struggles. For those who get beaten at home, or feel as if they dont feel loved at home. it shows how a group of boys overcome the most, and stick together. And that is true friendship.
I thought this book was pretty good. The feeling was real, and the setting was also real. The Outsiders novel made me feel lucky that I am who I am, and I dont live with a label. The end was heart-breaking though. I couldnt bare to lose someone I was close to. I really enjoyed getting lost in this book!
TAGS: gang, friends, sad, greasers, socs., action.