Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Unspoken

It all started with an email, invting 5 teens to Harold Crawleys funeral. yes, they destroyed Jacob Crawleys Cult, but they dont tell eachother at first, but thats why all of the survivors go to the funeral. Harold died from drowning, his biggest fear. But the catch is he was found in the middle of a cornfield. Allison, who has had crazy visions about the next person to die is right. She thinks that Jacob was right about his visions. Knowing they were the only 5 people to survive, sudden deaths start to take off while they meet up at a motel after the sad funeral. Starting with Emma, she died from what she was scared of most. When Allison found her face down on her bed, Emma was dead. Her eyes were taken out of her head, just like in her dream. Will allison be next? along with David? Are they the only people left that survived the fire that awful fire to kill Jacob?
I liked this book. But in the middle it was slow, almost to slow. In a way it went too fast also. The suspence was good, and I enjoyed the surprising ending. But it wouldnt be a book I would recommend. TAGS: ghosts, horror, haunting, scary, death, fiction, teenage, graves, murder, exciting, fun, good, creepy, girl, love, book


kayb4u said...

I stumble apon your site from book divas and i was wondering how you did all that cool stuff on you blog because i have one 2, and how did you get people to come to ur site Thax!

(P.S. u site is really cool!)

addicted reader said...

Thanks for enjoying my site!! What i did to attract so many people was to visit there blog, leave comments with my blog link, and al of that stuff, I had also left posts on bookdivas about my blog, and how I would love it if they visited it and so on,... I had gottena music player at (i am not sure if there are 1 or 2 t's in fetish??) and Had made polls, and such....if you have anymore questions or comments email me at! I'd be happy to help!!!
Thanks again! I really like your blog! Keep it up!