Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buggy Crenshaw and The Bungler's Paradox

Author: R.M Wilburn
Title: Buggy Crenshaw And The Bungler's Paradox

You're about to enter a world where imagination can be your best friend or your worst enemy."

Buggy Crenshaw was meant to save the world. Her mom always tells her that before dreams fill her mind during the night hours. But little does she know, that is not a lie.

After moving to Lloyds Hollow, it wasnt an accident moving there. She was meant to live there. She was summoned there! By the magical world that lies within Lloyds Hollow. In a world where magic exists, Buggy Crenshaw, and imaginative 12 year old girl, enters a world that is about to be taken over by the dark side. She meets Sid and Veronica, 2 best friends that already have there Talismans, a creature to help them with magic. Learning about the stolen portico, that controls almost evething within Lloyds Hollow, she is sent out on an adventure to rescue it and put it safetly back into the hands of The Greater Good. Mysteries unleash in this adventerous novel. Will the Greater Good be taken over by the bad? Will the world end forever?

I really liked this book, but some parts were hard to get through, or too fake. I liked the imagination part, because it is something different. There was a lot of adventure, maybe too much for a reader to handle. I liked the twists and turns on every page, and since there is a sequel, I cannot wait to see what happens!!!