Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lives of Mapmakers

AUTHOR: Alicia L. Conroy
TITLE: Lives of Mapmakers

This one book held many stories. Each a different genre. From fiction to sci-fi, and some didn't even mean a thing. Even though there was supposed to be a particular message in each. There are many different stories in this one book, each telling its own magic. Several were sad, others happy, and some pointless. One story I really enjoyed would be The Nameless Season. I really enjoyed this one because it had a million emotions running through it, it made you wonder. In this one story, The Nameless season, the world was getting hotter, and misery flooded throughout. It tells the story of a girl, that witnesses the Earths fury, and survives. though everything is different, she tries to keep some of the past at her fingertips, wanting everything to become normal again.
Overall, I really didnt care for this book. Some particualiar stories were pretty good, others pointless. No meaning. Usually there was a message that went along with each story, but some were harder to catch. An example would be The One thing I'm good at. It had no meaning at all, and I was a little disapointed. The first one, Mud-Colored Beauties of The Plaines. It began of an amazing discovery of a mysteries sea creature. And how it survived and such. Bad hands get ahold of the creature, and let it escape, and there was no message. This one story probably was one of the best though. I had a really hard time getting through this book. Some of the stories could hardly finish. I wouldnt really recommend this book.
TAGS: Fiction, sci-fi, message, heart, boring, interesting, particuliar, different, genres