Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mercury Mountain

Julie is one of the luckiest teens ever. Or so she thought. After winning an amazing eco-friendly car, that has many useful gadgets, Julie is on a mission to save her hometown and the world from harmful envirmental issues. Starting off with illegal dumpers, dumping computers and other items that need to be recycled, everything begins to go into a turnaround. Ever since she had won the car, also named Jett, Geisle, one of the popular girls of the school, begins to hang out with Julie and Pete. Learning that Giesles dad works for a special agency, clues start to unravel about the illegal dumbers, putting everones life at risk, and Gielsle and her dad just might be one of them. But will it be too late to save her town from danger?
There were many pro's and Cons to Mercury Mountain. I thought there was too much sarcasm in this book, along with some unbelievable events. Such as a thirteen year old girl knowing so much about the environment, It was kind of amusing to read. But, it did have plenty of adventure and kept the reader waiting to see what happens next in most of the events. Some though, dragged on, and werent so amusing. Other wise, this was a one of a kind book, and I guess would recommend. But it is not a must read book.TAGS: earth, recycle, action, mystery, car, adventure, science, "go green"