Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hershey Herself

This book is about a girl that has to abanond her house because of an abusive stepfather. Leaving behind her Journals she has written in about her past life, including a plan to get rid of her evel stepfather, she is worried about him coming acrossed them. Now living in a secret shelter for abused women and children, she can no longer hang out with her best friend. She has a mom and a younger baby sister. She is also dealing with a mean girl that ruins her life at school just because she is a little over weight. But when her best friend refuses to do a talent show with Hershey because they can no longer find the time to practice, the mean girl becomes her best friends show star! Will Hershey get her jounals in time for Sly, her mom's abusive boyfriend, to ruin them? Will Hershey's friend still do the talent show with Hershey's worst enemy? And will Hershey find a better way to fill herself with something else instead of Cheetos?
this book was one of the best books i have ever read in my entire life. It made me want to cry, laugh, cheer, and scream. Hershey deals with many comments about the way she lives and looks, and finds a new way in life, other than packaged food. I loved this book so much, and Cecila Galante is one of the best authors out there. I highly recommend anyone to read this.


Anonymous said...

This seems like a pretty good book, i want to read it soon. If you want i'll put a link on my blog to yours, i'd like it if you did the same. :)

Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

addicted reader said...
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