Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Patron Saint Of Butterflies

This book takes place in a religous commune called Mt. Blessing. In this commune there are strict rules for living properly. Rules are to show who you are on the inside instead of dressing yourself in the finest clothes on the outside. When Agnes and Honey become friends they go through everything together. They have different attitudes and views of things. Agnes for instances wants to become a Saint, and Honey just wants to leave all this "nonsense". So when Agnes' Grandamother comes to visit she finds out about the Regulation Room. This room is where all the kids are punished for wrong doings. And when Agnes' little brother's finger gets cut off from a door, the head person of Mt. Blessing does a "miracle" on his finger and "fixes" it. That is when Agnes' grandmother takes charge and has Honey, Agnes, and the little brother head to Texas. Once they get there the secrets unravel. Find out when you read this!!! This is the BEST book i have EVER read!!!!! you have to read it!!!!I rate this book 10/10. It has unsuspected twists and turns, and shows how brave a famly can go to get so far in life. Turning away from where you have lived since you were born must be tough, but finding out the secret between two friends must be harder. You have to read this.


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