Monday, July 21, 2008

Twisted Sisters

TITLE: Twisted Sisters
AUTHOR: Stephanie Hale

Finally! Another year is over and Aspen is moving to college. Rand turned down Harvard just so he can be with her. But this college will deffinatly not be what she imagined. Harry warned her not to join the Zetas, But choose a different soroity such as the betas. But being caught up in the mystery of his missing Niece, she has to find out what happend to her. Since the murder/kidnapping took place in the Zeta house she has to join. The Zetas are being very controlling, and they arent what she expected. She bunks with a girl who always has a book in her hands and never gets to talk with her. Then secrets start to unravel throughout the week, and she is seeing less and less of Rand who is always on a hangover. Angel is having tons of fun in the Beta house which makes Aspen a little jelous knowing she would be having that much fun because she knows deep down inside that is where she belongs, Tobi has come down with a serious illness, and there is a guy hitting on her!!!! Really? What could possibly go WRONG?

I loved this book! I expected her to find Mitzi somewehre in the house though! I really loved the sacrifices Aspen makes to help out her friends, and to save someone she loves, but doesnt even know. The adventure was great, and it kept me at the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to anyone!
TAGS: Suspence, adventure, murder mystery, series, spy, fun, popular, college, backstabbing, secrets,


Ashley said...

this sounds really interesting. i might just check it out. good review.


addicted reader said...

Thanks Ashley!!!! I really enjoyed the book.. It is a sequal to revenge of the homecoming queen! I have the review below if you are interested.