Monday, December 1, 2008

Detective Jermain, volume #1

TITLE: Detective Jermain
AUTHOR: Misako Rocks!

Jermain has always had the dream of being a professional detective. Her father died when she was younger, and he also had the dream of being a detective. Now, starting high school, college just months away, she isnt sure what is in store for her in the future. Her 2 friends, that happen to be boys, Andy and Travis, already know where they want to go for college, and they are guiding her, and are there for her, no matter what she chooses. She later finds out both Andy and Travis have huge crushes on her too!
The perfect opportunity for her to use her detective skills when everything at her high schools becomes strange. After a close friend, Mike, gets killed in a car accident, along with a teacher, everyone is acting the same way Mike did before he met his final fate. Clueless. Jermain knows something is up, but Andy and Travis just dont see it. Until people are being mugged, even teachers are acting strange. They follow clues, and decide on many suspects that might be causing this school wide chaos. Until they find out the true suspect. Could it be Claire, and her evil brother causing it all? Or could it be someone close, someone they would never suspect?

At first I wasnt sure how I would like this book. I have never really read a comic before, but once I finished the first page I was hooked. There was just enough romance I could bare (I'm not much of a romance novel fan) and plenty of mysteries! I absolutly loved this book, and nothing else could of been added to make it any better! I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out, and read more by the author!

TAGS: Mystery, suspence, romance, murder, amazing, fiction, comic, japanese, asian, action, fun, girl


TheBookworm said...

I completely agree! I received this book from InGroup and read/reviewed it.

I am definitly looking forward to the rest of the Dective Jermain books! :)

addicted reader said...

Me too! Will they hand them out?

Diana Dang said...

A very cute book, but definitely not my type of manga. But I am curious to see the rest of the series.

addicted reader said...

It was deffinatly cute. Some of it was a bit confusing though....