Monday, February 2, 2009

Jewels Treasured By Her Family

AUTHOR: Julia Johnson
TITLE: Jewels Treasured By Her Family
There is always a fairy tale occurring on the Flynn's Ranch. Whether it be one of Jewels' elegant tea parties, or just the love being spread through-out the family in general. In this amazing story, Beth is the main teller. It unfolds through her point of view. Though she is the youngest girl on the huge ranch, she is very mature for the average 12 year old to be. Especially when it comes to her sister, Jewels. Beth already knew a bad occurrence happened to Jewels when she was born. It caused her to live with slight brain damage, leaving her with the mind of a younger person. Now Jewels is 20, but she process's things like a 13 year old.

In the middle of one of their fairy tale tea parties outside by a special bench, where their father proposed to their mother, Beth and her twin brother EJ begin to wonder what really happened in the burnt barn. They asked Jewel's, but all she would say is that when they were playing a game of hide and seek, lightning struck the barn where both she and one of the teenage rancher's were hiding. The boy died quickly. Jewels fell off of a platform, breaking every bone in her tiny body. But it just didn't make sense. Why would Jewels and the boy have no clothes on while being inside of the barn? Jewels was eight, and the boy was 16 at the time of the incident. More and more details were revealed, but not a final answer.

After Beth and EJ ask their mother, and older sister Lynn, what really happened, they plan to host a special Tea, where they will reveal what really happened that day.

What else is their to say? This book was amazing!!!!!!!! There was so much detail and magic, I felt as if I were there. I loved how Beth went through the story, her being the youngest and all. I had many varieties of emotions coming out as I read page after page. The feeling of the Flynn family was just so real and magical, I felt as if I were there, playing King and Queen with EJ, Beth, and Jewels.
At first, I wasn't exactly sure where the story was headed, and I have to say, it was a bit slow at the beginning. But once you get farther into the enchanted story, the more you feel a part of the family. I love a story full of hope, love, and courage, and this book had it all. But one thing was just so hard to consume. After getting to know Jewels, and her condition, she was just so innocent. She cared about everyone in her family, especially Beth. And I didn't understand why she loved Beth the most, and called her Baby Beth. But when the secret was revealed I understood why, but I felt so angry and mad, even sad at the same time....

After finding out that Jewels was discovered with no clothes, including the boy at the barn, I already knew what happened. He had raped her, because he thought they were both in love. Even though Jewels was young for her age, she had already become a woman, and would soon become a mother. At the age of 8!

But Jewels thinks of it as a blessing to have had a baby, because a certain someone would never have come into her life. (I dont want to mention any names, because I want you to read this. It might now make sense to you while reading the review, but once you get through the book, you will understand)

But what angered me the most is how Jewels would no longer be able to have kids when she wanted to. That really broke my heart. Another thing that angered me, even though I knew it was meant to be for the good, was the secrets being kept from the rest of the family. I really want to tell you all what happened that made this story so different, and unique, but I just can't bring myself to write/type it down. I really want you all to read this amazing book. It had every single source of emotion ever felt, flowing through it, that I couldn't bring myself to put it down. The Flynn family was a family I cheered with, cried with, and laughed with, even in the darkest moments. That special family will always be in my heart, even if it was just a fictional family.

Another special feature included in this book, is something I had never seen before. A chapter dedicated to all of the main characters, and where they are now. Grown up, owning jobs, caring for kids, living life to the fullest. That was a very special part that made this book even more emotional. What happened to some of the characters as they got older, made me cry, but also made me feel so happy for them. I definitely will remember that part of the book.
The author put in so much effort, and time, you could tell. Everything added, even the sad parts, is why this story will be so memorable, and cherished for the rest of my life. It taught me a lesson, and I know it has, because I think of life differently now. That's why I want YOU to read this book. So you can have the chance to discover magic, hope, and the true meaning of love, and life, just like I did.
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