Friday, February 13, 2009


TITLE: Privilege
AUTHOR: Kate Brien

Ariana. Briana Leigh.
Two totally different girls, but linked in a destructive way. First off, Ariana. Sitting in the Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional facility, for women, after killing one of her friends. He needed to die, is all she can think, the only excuse to come up with. After facing her charges, she may spend up to life in the Brenda T.. Life for that one minute that never should of happened. It didn't have to happen. Dreams of going to college are now forsaken, lost in the past. Unless......
Unless she can some how get out of that disgusting, pig-pit or a place. And a perfect chance lays ahead.

16 months have gone by, ever since her life has finally ended, and now began at the Brenda T. 16 months of pity for Ariana's new friend, Kaitlyn. She doesn't deserve to be here, neither of us do. Is all Ariana thinks. After-all, Kaitlyn was framed by the filthy rich Briana Leigh for killing her very own dad. Kaitlynn and Brianna were the closest friends. Sharing secrets, dreams, money, and family, before it happened. And now, Ariana wants to give exactly what Brianna deserves. Even if it means killing an innocent victim in the process.

Once she gets her hands on Brianna Leigh's dirty money, she will come back to the Brenda T Facility to rescue her only true friend, and head off to a place where their dreams will come true. Even if it involves lies, tears, money, theft, love, friendship, secrets, and even blood. Ariana has to restart. Afterall, killing was only a one-time deal. It will never happen again. She promises....

At first, I had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be one of those chick-lits (You do know I don't like chick lit right?) and I thought I wouldn't be interested at all. But once I read a page, I had to read another, then another, then ANOTHER! Until, i finished it.

The plot was unique and satisfying. I have never read anything like this in my life, and I do like different things! Full of outrageous suspense, humor, moments where I couldn't take it, I couldn't put it down, not for one second. In a strange, creepy way, I felt connected to Ariana, but far apart at the same time. After getting inside her crazy, mixed up brain, I understood how she felt, no matter how wrong she was. This definitely was a page turner, and once you think you get things figured out, you will be completely wrong within pages of the book.

I thought I HAD it figured out, but man, was I off! It kept me entertained, and I NEVER got bored through-out all of the pages. This book was one clever book, and it had all the details.
Everything matched up perfectly, and I couldn't of fixed it, changed it, or even mix it up any other way to make it even more admirable
I deffinitly recommend this book, to anyone. You will be shocked through-out the whole book.
TAGS: Murder, mystery, phsycotic, mental, drug, facility, framed, rich, money, boys, chick-lit, girl, shopping, Brenda T., 5 star, page turner, adventrue, suspence


Bookworm said...

I'm never read any of the Private books....Great blog, I'm following you now because I saw your interview on books make great lovers!

addicted reader said...

Wow! THank you so much Bookworm!

robin_titan said...

I'm currently reading this one, it's pretty darn good so far, glad to know it stays that way. :D

Em said...

I've never read this series before but I'm going to try it out now because of your review. :)

And your header is hands down the most creative and most fabulous one I've seen! That's such a cool idea!

addicted reader said...

Thanks everyone, for your wonderful comments!