Monday, February 16, 2009

Rowan Of The Wood

TITLE: Rowan of The Wood
AUTHOR: Christine and Ethan Rose

Thousands of years have passed when Rowan trapped himself inside his wand to protect from the enemies that interrupted the hopeful wedding between him and Fiana. They waited so long to finally have a wedding, but it was ruined. In-order to save herself, Fiana passed through the portal to save herself and the other members of her tribe.

Centuries later, Cullen sits in the forest, reading his day away, other than the chores he has to do for his foster family. Rex, his foster brother, picks on him day after day, no matter what. His foster mom drinks her martinis, day dreaming about the life her husband promised. T.V runs their lives.

Books run Cullens.
It is Cullen's birthday, and his favorite teacher, (who he also has a crush on), gives him the present of a hardcover book. Ever since Cullen's "dad" burned all of the other book he owns, including the one his dad gave to him before he died, he hides this special one in the forest, under a hole within a huge tree. But something strange happens when he finds a stick that looks like a wand. A mysterious guy emerges, dressed in weird clothing. But he only appears in Cullens dreams.

Fiana begins to build rock mountains, in remembrance of her lost husband, who she hopes to find. Traveling all over the world, misery, happiness, and hope flood her emotions, until she can no longer take it. Evolving into an evil, mindless person, killing innocent people, she begins to loose hope of ever finding her hidden husband. Only one person sticks with her after all that time searching.
But Cullen discovers Rowan. In his mind. At first he thinks its because of all the fantasy stories he had read. But when Cullen's older brother Rex, threatens his friends after school, something strange happens. A mysterious power took over Cullen, as he lay hidden from the bullies. But he cannot remember it.
In his dreams, Rowan emerges, telling him about his lost wife, and how he hopes to marry her in the future. So now Rowan and Cullen are one, searching, solving this long, everlasting puzzle.
But will it be too late to find each other? Will Fiana stay evil, and ruin all hopes of a marriage?
What will happen to Cullen?

I don't know how I feel about this book. At the same I like it, but I dislike it. I think it might be because I've read so many books involving magic, mystery, and wizards. There was enough detail to keep me going though. Even though the plot was some-what unique, it still didn't quite interest me.
Longing to help Cullen escape from his brutal life style, I was very angry towards his hateful family. Another thing that made me feel depressed somehow, was the fact that Fiana spent thousands of years searching for her long lost husband. That whole time period went into so much detail, I could feel and interpret how she felt. I hated thinking about all that time being wasted on something that would never happen or workout.
Overall, this was a slow read. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but not as good as I expected. Though it was a very imaginable plot.

TAGS: magic, marriage, murder, boy, depressed, time, century, school, abuse, bullies, blind, forrest, sadness, mystery


Bookworm said...

Great review! Doesn't really look like my thing, but sounds cute anyway!

Laina said...

I didn't love it either.

Angie said...

Really? I totally loved it!