Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here is today's chance for you to win extra entries in my current giveaway! Click here for rules for the EXTRA segment.

The first 3 people to respond to this question by writing 1 paragraph, will receive 1 extra entry in the book contest. But you have to have already gained at least 1 entry before doing this! Click here to see how if you haven't yet! How did you get into reading? Was it a book you read, a friend, a librarian, a teacher? If you can remember, did it make you want to start blogging about books?
Just write me 1 paragraph answering the question! I
will add in your extra
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katie said...

I was influenced a lot by my second grade teacher. I was in a class that was below my level so I always had a lot of free time and my teacher's idea was to have me read. There was a program at my school where if you could prove that you had read a certain number of books, then you could win prizes. I remember spending all my free time with my teacher trying to find a book that I hadn't read, so that I could win the grand prize. I did win the prize and ever since, I have loved to read.

Laina said...

I'm not entered (I have the book so I don't need to be, lol) but my mom, honestly. She always read to me, and I sorta learned to read at three, so I don't really remember NOT reading.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm probably not the third one enterting, but let's see....

My parents had some books in my house like the Rainbow Fish and I read things on my own once I did learn how. I think school helped the most by reading in class and we went to the library every week at school so I was always reading a new book and very different types of books. I got into blogging in high school, and by that time, I'd started shooting stars for music and added books and other entertainment when i found out about strictly book blogs...and i loved to read. I still do!!!

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gaby317 said...

I had always loved books and reading. But when we moved overseas when I was 7 it was harder to source books and there really weren't libraries to visit. I had an uncle who took me under his wing, would recommend, lend, and discuss books with me. He helped direct and broaden my tastes - was a great influence on me.

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Okay well, I always loved reading ever since I was little, i would read like r.l. stine books...but I stopped as I grew up, and actually my friend Jessica introduced me back into reading again since she's a bookaholic, and it just stuck with me and now I'm obsessed lol so gotta thank my friend for influencing me to read :)