Monday, May 4, 2009

Julia Johnson: Author in the Spotlight, May!

Please welcome May's Author In The Spotlight, Julia Johnson!
Before we take off with this awesome interview, I want to apologize with my lack of reviews. When summer vacation hits, there will definitely be more! Next week (Monday) Mysterious Monday will return as well!
Now, here is the Author In The Spotlight!

Julia Johnson
Author of: Jewels Treasured By Her Family
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  1. When did you know you first wanted to become an author?

I have been writing since I was a kid, it was a great outlet to express my feelings. It brought a calmness and comfort to me. I have known writing gives me a voice to my inner thoughts. I have many journals, short stories, and other writings I have done through my life. It has only occurred to me in the last few years “I am an author.” When I wrote my first manuscript and the publisher accepted was when I then realized a dream fulfilled. It is so exciting to have two books published now; Jewels Treasured by Her Family and Three Roses for Pearl

2. What did you always dream of being while growing up?

I had a bad childhood, so my biggest desire was to have a loving husband and large family with many children. I thought it would be the most wonderful thing to be a teacher because they got to teach and love children. The truth is these dreams have come true on many levels in my life. I believe in dreams and goals because they do come true. I have been married to my very loving husband for going on 26 years; I have a wonderful married daughter and two young grandchildren. I also got to be apart of children’s lives when I worked in a childcare center for ten years. I love children and their honesty.

3. How do you come up with character names?

I have been studying people very closely all my life, which has helped me in my creating characters and their names. I have been known to use people who have or are in my lives names. I think coming up with Characters and their names are like the frosting on the cake of each project. I do think my characters are believable and relatable. I have a gift of coming up with characters.

4. If you weren't an author right now, what would you most likely be doing?

In my life I never had the time to devote to my writing until now. Unfortunately I had to go on work disability which opened the door of time to write. If I didn’t have my writing to keep me busy I would try to find another outlet to create because I am an artist at heart. I have done some drawings, painting and creative lettering. I do spend much of my time with my grandkids because they are very important to me.

5. Is there a specific process you do before writing a story?

No, I don’t go by any special process, I just write until I can’t. I am tripped up by grammar and spelling so it is important for me to edit, edit, and edit more. I feel I have a few struggles in my writing that maybe others don’t face. I am dyslexic, bi-polar and suffer from depression. This is why I am amazed that I have achieved any success. In my books I have a theme of overcoming and doing the best to live worthy lives.

6. Do you have a comfort food, or snack that you usually eat while writing?

I drink coke zero like water and water but don’t eat much when on a serious writing session.

7. Where do you like to write?

I have a back office in my home. It is full of windows and the bright sunlight shines in when I am there. I have a CD player, printer and my PC and am ready for the thoughts to flow!

8. Who is your favorite author and why?

In the past two years I have been doing reviews for other unknown authors, mostly from the same publisher as myself. A.W. Nutter, Curtis E. Gibson, Melissa S Diaz, Susan Beth Nemitz, Norma Davis, BJ Myers, and Dave Sheed are a few of the very talented ones I have read! So I have to admit I have not been reading many mainstream well known authors for while. I want to say each of these authors kept my attention and have wrote very good books and well worth the time to check them out: on

9. Do you get stressed while writing? Or get writer's block a lot?

I don’t crowd myself with overwhelming time restrains so it takes off the stress. I do get writers block but know it is temporary because my imagination is always in overdrive.

10. What time of day do the ideas come to you the most when trying to think of a new story to write?

There is no time of day I get ideas, because everything tends to give me inspiration. I like to think out my stories pretty far along before I write them out.


Melanie said...

I often get inspiration from the most random things! Congratulations on your success!

susan said...

congrats!!!! Author in the spotlight, how wonderful is that!!! great interview!!! best wishes on the rest of your endevours.