Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freak The Mighty

TITLE: Freak The Mighty
AUTHOR: Rodman Philbrick

Judgment. The first thing that comes to everyone's mind when they see the giant and muscular Maxwell Kane is his murderous father, then the silent voice inside of their head, telling them to run for their life. But little do they know, Maxwell looks stronger on the outside, than he does on the inside.
Everyone that judges him though, lowers his self esteem, causing him to sink deeper in the "down under", away from his grandparents, and well, he has no friends. Until he meets Freak. Interesting right? It gets weirder.
It might be shocking to find out that Freak is only a fraction compared to the size of Maxwell, but his I.Q is far better.
On that hot summer day, meeting Freak was a tad bit scary, considering he was acting like an out of this world alien, his mouth shouting out words Maxwell didn't even know existed. The Fair Gwen, Freaks mom, was scared to find out that Freak would soon have a friend 10 times bigger than him.
But the team, "Freak The Mighty" must face larger problems than the street prowler bullies, or the secrets being hidden from them both, and the soon to be operated on Freak. A long lost relative will soon meet Maxwell, a murder and a liar, and just maybe, his father.
Will Freak survive his surgery, transforming him into a "robot", and will Maxwell finally come across the truth?

I'm kind of confused on what to say about this short book. It made me experience mixed emotions, and kept me confused on my whole thinking during this book. The book wasn't what I had expected at all, because it was more of an emotional, humorous book, than what I was expecting. Some parts were really cute and funny, like when Freak pulls out his dictionary, ashamed of Max's inability to understand the English language, or when they become the undefeated "Freak The Mighty."
But, I do have to warn you, the ending is very sad, because it explains how Freak has a very serious medical issue, when his insides continue on growing, but he stops. I felt really bad for them, but I knew they didn't care what others thought, because they lived in their own world, one no one else would understand. That world is the only place they fit in, because in the real world, they don't.
The message was a very teachable one being displayed as well. It shows that you can only judge someone, after you have lived in their shoes for a while. Many people may not have expected what Freak and Maxwell go through on a daily basis, but the book shows a great inside as to what it's like to be them.
It's a great emotional mix.


Kate said...

I did not read the book, but my class watched the movie for english class. I thought the movie was cute and touching! Great review.