Sunday, April 5, 2009

Also Known As Harper

TITLE: Also Known As Harper
AUTHOR: Ann Haywood Leal
Everything has gone down hill, not only for Harper, but for her mother, and little brother Hemingway, ever since her daddy has up and left them. Just as her daddy's cure for sadness was drinking, poetry and writing is Harper's cure. After all, her name comes from her mothers favorite writer.
But when Harper's mom can't gather enough money to pay the rent and other bills, they are moved out in a flash. Mostly because Winnie Rae Early's mom decided to throw everything out onto their bare lawn, leaving it sit out for hours.
After coming to the nearest and cheapest hotel (only because Winnie's relative cleans it daily and cuts down the price for them) trying to get everything together. Harper knew her mother would never write like she used to, her brother would never stop waiting for their long lost father to come back and rescue them from debt, and she would miss the poetry contest for sure if her mother would still need to her watch Hemingway while she was job hunting.
But could an elderly women, a brother and sister, and a death change this crucial cycle?
After reading several summary's on this promising book, I found it not to be as good as I thought. I guess what I mean to say is, there wasn't much action occurring as I would've liked. Though, it was a deep book that made me realize not to be as judgemental on people that are different. This is a brilliant awakening to those who have judged, or have been judged. . Feeling bad for the main family, I knew they could overcome everything that happened to be in their way, because they had love, and care guiding them through the tough times. When I was reading this, it gave me a sense of Hershey Herself because the main characters Hershey and Harper were facing the same issues, and struggles.
Even though there wasn't as much action as I would of liked, it was also sort of bland. I guess there could be more detail within the pages to give it a more friendly feeling, or interested type feeling.
Overall, it was a quick and mostly enjoyable read that I would recommend.


Bookworm said...

Sounds cute! And I really like the cover. Great review! (: Bookworm

Anonymous said...

Nice cover but it's not for me. Great review!

robin_titan said...

oooh i love your new layout!!!