Friday, April 17, 2009

Buggy Crenshaw and The Deadwood Principle: Revolution!

TITLE: Buggy Crenshaw and The Deadwood Principle: Revolution!
AUTHOR: R.M Wilburn
Once again, as another adventure ends, yet another is to begin.
Buggy Crenshaw was meant to save the world. After-all, that is what her parents have been saying all along. Her mother, a refuser, and her father, a disastrous bungler, have kept the secret from Buggy and Frank for so long, it now comes out in the open.
Buggy is magic herself. But what powers is she capable of forming?
She soon, will find out.
Ever since she was captured by the sticklers, locked in the cage surrounded by them with her 2 friends, Veronica and Sid, she begins to talk to her brother Frank through her mind. The door that keeps the invaders out will have to be shut, because if they find out the secrets they share, all will be lost.
Buggy knows that the Witch Gladys Watchfly was innocent, that she never killed the Deadwood brother, but it seems she was the murder to the rest of the townspeople. Somehow though, she wants this to be a secret.
Once Buggy learns why the Sticklers have trapped them, she is shocked. The Trinity? What is the Trinity? They go along with this, so the three kids trick the sticklers into letting them go. After fleeing, Buggy comes across a mysterious person who just so happened to cross paths with Buggy and her friends. Was it destiny? Did Buggy's mom want this to happen? The person is known as Skinny Strongheart, leader of the Haflings. What are Haflings? They are people that were once regular citizens, but somehow fused with their talismans due to 2 evil doctors. From ducks, to dogs and so on, the kids look strange. But there is a story behind everything. What is theirs? How are the 2 evil doctors tied in with Sid?

Buggy begins to trust Stongheart, though he is a bit mysterious. After learning that the Sticklers are teaming up with the odd wolves against the greater good, the team must act fast. Before it's too late. The wolves are lead by their leader, Grayham. But in order to defeat the oncoming army, they must fix the Old Guard, and turn them back into forest trolls. How does Buggy undo what she did in the past?
Just as Buggy thought her dad stopped causing trouble for the already confused and terrified townspeople, his actions are just beginning. He just so happens to hold the mighty Golden Sword, the worst thing for a bungler to have.
But why are the townspeople building boats and floating away on the sea created by Syd?
The main problem though is finding the Urns for the spirit of the Rebel phoenix before the harvest moon is to set.
As the three kids take off, they have lots of time on their hands. Who is controlling it? Will they be able to find all 3 urns, and summon Tara Foxpride for her wise words? And, what secrets are about to be revealed that will shock you? Turn the page, and find out.
Knowing too much can be as dangerous as knowing to little.

Wow. R.M Wilburn has done it again. Only better. I loved the adventure and secrets that was shared in this story.
It was a fresh and exciting read, especially if you read the last 2 books. Though, I read the 2nd one a few months ago, and couldn't remember some of the characters and sayings that appeared in the last 2 books, R.M Wilburn did an excellent job in bringing them back, without saying flat out what their roles were in the other books. She blended that in extremely well.
Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that the ending left you hanging. I loved the characters attitude also. I know this may sound a bit odd, but I loved how they showed true emotion to everything that happened. In other books I read, the characters that were supposed to save the world, or something risky, would just say "I can do it! I am powerful aren't I?!" But Buggy wouldn't be that way. She would have the attitude of "Ok, lets re-think our plan, and hope it works" kind of way. I don't know if that makes sense, so you will have to read this book yourself if you want to find out what I mean.
But...There was some disappointments as well. I think there were too many characters written about, and some only showed up but once or twice through-out all 393 pages. The book was, in a way, too busy. I think if it was tuned down just a bit, it would of been a tad better. I loved the secrets though. They were shocking and made me wonder how the author created such an excellent creation!
A fanatic, adventurous read I recommend to anyone.


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This sounds like a good read! I think I am going to look into this series. :D

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