Friday, April 17, 2009

Path Of A Hero: Rewrite

OK, so I decided to make a rewrite for the review for the book Path Of A Hero. Here it is, in full detail!
TITLE: Path Of A Hero
AUTHOR: E.S Brenwalt

After an unexpected attack on the country Trino, Cyan, who is in the midst of becoming a true Samurai, he must become one fast. Why? Because Fenx, the second commander of all the orcs, dragons, and all the other ugly creatures fighting for the evil side are overcoming all of the good forces.
But there is something far more growing. Something no one else could cure, other than Cyan. His void. The void that has built up ever since the dreadful day his caring parents were killed by Fenx himself. So, now that he is living at the School of Magic, he must train, to start his path towards manhood. Months pass, battles rage on, and Fenx and the mighty Abyss are still successful.
Until Cyan decides to go to battle. Cyan must face the dark creature himself. As the personal battle between Fenx and Cyan rages on, cyan becomes weak. But one specific magical creature decides to stand up to save Cyan from death. Magus, the talking rat will soon befriend the uprising warrior, Cyan, though become quite a nuisance as well.
After learning that the Abyss has stretched across other lands, become once again, more powerful, Cyan knows it will take a greater power than himself and Magus to defeat the expanding enemy. Perhaps, a sword. But not just a sword. A magical one. Masamune. After learning of its powers, abilities, and current keeper, Cyan must battle to succeed this swords strengths. The evil keeper of it. Sa'Phi'Ro.
Will he overcome the holder so he can clain vengeance against the abyss, and Fenx? Most of all, will his void grow too far for him to stop it, turning him into his very own enemies and the killer of his parents?

While reading this book, I came across somethings that bothered me. Some things were good as well also. The things that bothered me would be the repetitive plot. I guess there wasn't any new, fresh action. Though the characters were far different than what I have ever read, sometimes they would seem, in a way, boring, or annoying. Cyan was fine, it was interesting hearing his thoughts and ideas, but Magus, the magic rat, seemed either too happy or too sarcastic. Though, I know he tried to brighten up the times that were rough, he seemed almost as if he was from a different time era.
I did like the idea of the story though. It was exciting, and unique. The imagination part of it was fantastic, and so was the writing style. There was quite a bit of action, orc killing, and war, and that didn't really appeal to me as much, though it was necessary for this kind of story. Overall, if you are looking for something different, or adventurous to read, then this would be a recommendation.
If you are interested in the book, or learning more about the author, click here to visit E.S Brenwalt's website!


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