Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mysterious Monday

Ok, I really want to start an event that deals with books (obviously) and came up with Mysterious Monday.
What's it about, you ask? Well...It's where you get as many books as you want and put a post up with the pictures. Since they arent out yet, there will be no description, and the visitors that come to your blog have to guess what they are about!
And since the title to this post is named Mysterious Monday, this will happen every monday.
If you decide to do this post at your blog, let me know! I'd really like it if you would include my link though. Here it is!

TITLE: Devoured
AUTHOR: Amanda Marrone

What do you think this is about?!


Diana Dang said...

Oh my, absolutely stunning! Hm, I get a paranormal feel from it. A girl with some sort of power maybe. Stuck between two guys that could ruin everything... Whatever everything is, haha.

Definitely would read it cause of the cover!

Bookworm said...

Yeah, probably paranormal. AND I LOVE THE COVER!! So gorgeous.

Laina said...

Vampires. :D

Hope. said...

Ahhh i read a summary about this before but now I cannot remember what it was! Wasn't it.. something paranormal?

I like the idea of this though. . .