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I hope everyone knows about my current contest! If you would like to enter, wait! I want to make this one interesting, and fun for both you and me! So, if you want to win your very own copy of How To Buy A Love Of Reading, keep reading this post!

Ok, so if you want to get bonus, I mean bonus, entries, then keep reading!
Every 3 days, I will be putting up some extra fun stuff for you, so you can earn up to 5 extra entries added to your total!
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Every time I post up your new opportunity to win this book, it will be titled Extra 1(2,3,4,5....) so you know when to look out for it!

BUT! In order to get some extra entries, you HAVE to comment to the original post here! Just follow the rules once you read through it.

Extra 1
1. Write and post a paragraph to this entry, how reading
has changed your life, and how it has played a positive effect on you,

2. Write another paragraph after that, on how it has
changed others around you.

Honestly, when I hear I have to write a whole paragraph+ on something that is hard for me to think of, I tend to just not do it. Your comment doesn't have to be a paragraph, but it has to be more than 2 sentences, obviously.
The first 10 people to reply to this post with the following rules posted above, will get 3 extra entries added to their total. But remember, you must comment to the original post, gaining at least 1 entry before doing this!!

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katie said...

Reading has changed my life in so many ways. My interest in books has led me to meeting some great people such as authors, bloggers, and publishers who have been so kind. Reading has also helped me choose my career path and my college major. Without my love of reading, I don't know what I would be doing with my life.

In many ways, reading has changed a lot of my friends and family. It used to be that I was weird because I always had a book with me. Older people always thought it was great to see a young person reading but my friends didn't see it that way. Over the past year I have helped my friends find books that they enjoy and now they don't look at me the same way when I have a book tucked away in my purse. So, in a way, reading has helped make my friends and family a little more open-minded and not so judgmental.

gaby317 said...

Reading changed my life in many ways but the earliest was that it helped fend of loneliness. I moved from Boston to the Philippines when I was 7 years old and had a hard time making friends the first year or so. But my mother and uncle kept me occupied and well supplied with interesting books. They'd take the time to discuss them with me as they suggested them and the next week after I'd finished reading them. My uncle helped open up so many different worlds and cultures by giving me a wide range of authors and books. From The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck to P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple to A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, his love of books and kindness gave me much happiness.

Since then, I've always loved books and reading. I'm the sort of friend that gives books for people's birthdays and reads to my boyfriends (now my husband). I pick out books for my niece and the children that I'd like to have in the future. I've been reading books for kids and young adults both for fun and to check them out for the young kids in our family. I'd like to have the same effect on them that my uncle had on me.

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Bridget said...

Don't enter me; just posted this on Win A Book.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love to read and it's given me a new perspective on things in life and it's taught me a lot. It gives me something to do a lot of the time and I get to enter new worlds and "meet" new people. I've been reading tons since I was little and I know what I would do if I didn't read honestly. It opened me up to new things and new people. I love it.

How has it changed those around me? I'm not really sure. I guess I've showed people new things from books. I know by loving Harry Potter and making my whole family see the film, I got my sister reading HP and as such, reading a lot more then she did. I have friends that read and I've gotten them into new things and just been able to enjoy them more b/c we all love to read, though I swear I read the most. hahah

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

I've always loved to read. My mom, despite having very little money, would always encourage me by buying books whenever I asked for them. I love escaping to different worlds, learning new things, and going on adventures. By the third grade, I was reading at the college level. Thanks to my love of reading, I've always excelled in school, I'm never bored so long as a book is around, and I look forward to a future law school admission. I can't imagine life without reading, and I know it has been one of the largest positive influences in my life, outside of my family.

Reading has had a large influence on others around me as well. My brother doesn't like reading as much as I do, but he was also raised to appreciate it, and being given any book he had an interest in. This allowed him to also have an appreciation for learning and to excel in school and get into a good career. My grandmother was a teacher before she retired, so I don't need to say how much of an influence reading had in her life. Really, my whole family are a bunch of readers, and that appreciation for reading led us all to appreciate learning, and the benefits of that are endless.




Reading has changed my life in such a huge way. I consider it to be my safe haven, it's an escape to a place that isn't stressful. It's a calming feeling to get lost in a story. It's played a positive effect on me because it relaxes me. If I am ever upset or angry, I just pick up a book and get lost in that world instead of dwelling with my own issues. I am the type of person that is always thinking so reading makes my brain take a vacation for a little bit lol.

Well, it's changed some of my friends because I had friends that never read but once I introduced them to Twilight, that changed. So I feel like I showed them that books are boring and that sometimes their even better than watching a movie!

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Eleni []

Book Spot said...

Reading helped me find something that I could keep with me no matter where I moved to or lived and connected me to people all voer the world. Whether it was through writing and internet published writing or professionally published books, reading (and writing) has always given me something (and someones) to connect to and aspire to.

While I have some friends (and family, too) who really don't read a lot--despite my efforts ;)--there are others who I know do and it gives up things to talk about even when there's nothing else. And it has been a way for them to learn about other areas of the world and peoples. And reading always leets you know theres someone else like you out there even if there's not near you, I know that's helped some of my friends.



Paradox said...

I love reading, and it has always been an enjoyable part of my life, from the time when I was read bedtime stories to now, as I'm attempting to write a book. Books are more than just stories and a method of escape. They are full of ideas and make me think about the world in different ways.

I know for certain that reading has had similar effects on those around me, especially my best friend, who has actually completed some of her novels, but none are published... Yet. :) I've seen how books make people happy and open up this world and others to them. I <3 books!

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com