Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Meme for bloggers, authors, and publishers!!

I know what new meme I'm going to do, but please tell me if there is already something out there similar that has been created in the past! I'm not trying to steal your Wonderful ideas!

So since 2010 seems to be getting nearer I thought Id start a 2010 book countdown, since there has been a great deal of books every one is looking forward to next year... So... Why not do a countdown type thing that gives authors a chance to get their book even more publicity before it's due publishing date in 2010? Publishers, you can do your part as well by promoting your company by giving exclusives, special offers, Interviews and updates to keep bloggers on track with your upcoming releases!!
Bloggers? Have a book you want to share with the rest of the book community you think will be a hit? Then email me with the title, publisher, release date, summary, and maybe even a teaser or book trailer if possible! Maybe I could even come up with an interview we could do to share your thoughts and opinions on your pick!

The process? Hmmmm.. Everyday would be pretty hard to keep up with, along with the fact that I might not be able to get upcoming releases to fill in the next several months. Maybe, once I get started and see if any authors or publishers start asking me to promote them, then I could do this more often. So I may just post every other day or every 3 days until things get sorted out.

Buttons for this meme will be available for others to use for their sidebars to help spread the word to others who may be interested as well. I will post a poll asking what you think about this meme either below this post or on the sidebar where you can share your opinion!

Authors or publishers please dont hesitate to contact me at if you would be interested in being scheduled for a certain time. I will try and make it work! Also, please include some useful and interesting info on your book if you are offering for me to
promote your release.

Is this new meme making sence? And what should it be called?......


Bookworm said...

Great idea. I vote for the title of "COUNTDOWN T0 '10!"

gaby317 said...

This sounds great - though I suspect even just my list will be unwieldy. I'd like to participate!

addicted reader said...

Great! Thanks everyone! I will be emailing you soon to go over details ok?!