Monday, September 28, 2009

Authors, We Know Your Secret: 2010 Book Countdown: Clearup!

Ok... So maybe i made things a little too complicated about my new meme! But dont worry! Im going to clear some things up in this post for you.

The Rules And Regulations:

1) Any blogger can participate, as well as any author and/or publisher that will have a 2010 Book Release.

2) You must post at least 1-2 times minimum for AWKYS (What to post, and such will be found at the next section)

3) You must fill out the participation form at the bottom of this post, if you are able to do this meme.

4) Please, post the image of this meme to your sidebar and/or blog post, leaving a link to THIS post where new bloggers can learn about this as well.


How It Works:

Authors, We Know Your Secret is a 2010 Book Countdown, where you can ask permission from the author and/or publisher of your choice, who may have a 2010 book release, that you are looking forward to in 2010! If you have an author that has accepted this meme, you may either interview, host live chat, promote a giveaway-promotion, etc, to get there 2010 Release as far out as possible to other bloggers who may be interested. But once you get your author, would you please email me at reviewabook123@hotmail, with the date your promoted author will be hosted on, so I could do a daily update of AWKYS around the blogosphere? Please include your blog name/link as well, so I could do an easy hyperlink to you. Authors, you can email bloggers to, if you want to be promoted for your 2010 Release. Just include some info on your book, so us bloggers can take some additional interest in your title. A trailer, summary, photo, additional info site links, your blog link, and possibly a teaser, would be some of the best options!


Ok, so maybe you are too busy, or do not have an author/publisher to promote one week. THAT'S OK! I know how busy a schedule can get, so don't take this meme like a job or whatever. Its just for fun! Just let me know WHEN YOU HAVE AN AUTHOR to promote, so I can add the details to a daily/weekly scoop post on AWKYS! I plan for this meme to kick off October 1st, and I already have some authors pending their decisions, or who have already scheduled some dates! The sooner the better! If your author decides to let you promote their book by a giveaway- or swag giveaway, that's awesome! Please be sure to thank the authors, and let me know, so I could add those details in a post for you as well. The items you are giving away, and ending date would be great to add in as well.

This meme will end January 1st, 2010. I'm thinking about coming up with a Best Author-Book Choice poll, or something like that, to spice up the ending of the 1st Annual: AWKYS!

So, does this clarify things a bit? Basically, it's kind of like Author In The Spotlight, with more promotion opportunities, as well as strictly 2010 Book Releases, and Upcoming Authors of 2010. And what do you think of the name for this meme? I kinda like it.... Please, remember to add the meme button to your sidebar, as well as the starting date and LINK TO THIS POST! Thank you so much, and if you have anymore unanswered questions, or comments, let my know via email or comment to this post.

Authors, are you interested? Email me as well, or a blogger who is taking part in this challenge!

Sign Up Here:

**Instead, just leave your name, email, blog link, posting decisions, such as how often you think you'll post, etc. to a comment for this post!**
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