Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congratulations to Sharonanne, the winner of Fun-Read-Friday!!!

Here is what it will look like when someone wins the Fun-Read-Friday contest!! Congrats to this weeks winner, Sharon!!!

Sharon hosts a blog called Sharon Loves Books And Cats. You can see all sorts of stuff by following this link. Sharon's interests includes: reading, cats, surfing the net, and watching television. Since she loves to read, some of her favorite books include: 1984, Century Rain, The Day of The Triffids. Some book categories she enjoys are sci-fi, YA and mysteries. She owns a very sophisticated blog, and gets down and serious about books. She seems like a very reliable reviewer, and I would deffinatly recomend her blog to anyone interested in books, reading, random discussions, and don't forget cats! Great job Sharon!!! Click here to visit her blog.



Che il Natale possa portare nel tuo cuore gioia infinita che si trasforma in speranza di vita. buon natale

addicted reader said...

Im sorry, I dont know what you just said.

sharonanne said...

lol I was wondering too!

You should check out my new post on words that I love. Maybe you can add some to the list.

btw great job with the post!

addicted reader said...

Sure thing Sharon!!! lol, thanks!