Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trash Talk review

First off, I want to thank the amazing authors of this helpful book, Dave and Lillian Brummet, for letting me review this for them. Thanks!

This book is more of a guide to helping you save money, while helping the economy by recycling, and reusing things that usually end up in the trash. There were many interesting, and helpful facts that made me realize there is more litter destroying this earth than I thought. I also learned how to reuse everday things, for different jobs. Here are a few fascinating facts I learned from Trash Talk:
  • A glass bottle thrown away yesterday littering an area could still be littering the landscape in year 3000.
  • You can even recycle bars of soap! Gather all of the unuseful pieces of soap into a recycling jar. When you have enough to put to use, blend them slowly in a blender. Add small amounts of water until it consists of a pudding-like mixture. Once it dries you can reuse it as soap to wash hands, cars, or anything else that needs washing!

  • Tires are a biggy. A fact from the book tells the reader that approximatly 3.8 million tires were generated in 1995. 17.5% were recycled.

  • Of all the worlds water, 97% is salt water, 2% is trapped in polar ice and underground springs, and 1% is actually available for human use (drinking and such)

  • On average, a north american sink uses 8 gallons of water a day.

  • 247,000 acres of forest are used just for newspapers.
Now some ideas for reusing everyday things:
  • You can scare away birds when you have a fruit tree beginning to grow by stinging unwanted CD's from the tree. The reflected light scares them without harming them.

  • You can reuse unwanted caps or corks for missing game-board pieces.
  • You can reuse umbrellas by taking the fabric off the top and hang it up to dry soaked/wet clothes.
  • You can reuse birthday/greeting/ cards by taking off the front that is not written on and use it as a post-card.
  • You can help the earth and your money budget by planting a tree! When planting a tree by your house, the shade cools your house by 3-7 degrees, saving you money by less air conditioning money.
  • By recycling, you can keep the earth and land healthy, and your tourism status. Attract tourists by keeping your earth clean, and make money too.
  • Egg shells can be added to a compost bin for healthy soil.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It taught me a lot of interesting facts and ideas about the environment and helping it. There was enough of everything to keep the reader interested, and not make them bord with a book like this. I loved it!


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