Saturday, December 27, 2008

contest winner for Fun-Read-Friday!

Congrats to Yan for winning this weeks Fun-Read-Friday! Click here to visit her amazing book blog. Here is a little bit about Yan:
Yan owns the blog called, and it is used for book reviews, author interviews, and random questions. Her most recent book review is Beautiful Americans. Yan advirtise's contests that other people {bloggers} are hosting.

She currently has 14 followers and would love it if you would follow if you already arent!! So follow!

With a simple blog, it is easy to find what you want without having to look everywhere for it. I absolutly love everything she has done to keep it simple, and different. Great job Yan!!!!
Click here to visit her blog!


Yan said...

Wow it's like a personal stalker, lol. oddly creepy I have to say....but delightfully exhilarating~

addicted reader said...