Monday, December 22, 2008

The Book Of Names

AUTHOR: D. Barkley Briggs
TITLE: The Book Of Names

Hadyn and Ewan have to live their lives day to day without a mom to guide them. Only a father that spends most of his time behind a desk doing research, while the 2 teens must do chores around the farm.

While clearing brush from a vacant field, a major discovery is found. Sharing this discovery, both brothers, Hadyn and Ewan unlock a gateway to a whole new world. Where Fey and trolls live, along with the darkest evils. And these evils are about to win over the whole land. After meeting up with Eldoran, learning that they have been called to The Hidden Lands by several mysterious black "call" birds, that vanished in thin air, Hadyn and Ewan learn their fate. They may never see home again.

A group forms. A mysterious girl, a stubborn troll, and a powerful man. They set off, dangers leading them. After being betrayed, trapped, and close to death, they overcome the most horrid sites, dangerous adventures, and meet face to face with the most powerful evil. Nemesia.

Her goal is to steal a generation of kids, making them believe they are nothing. They aren't loved. She forms an evil army out of them, having them kill.
Thus, every name of a person that has and will be born recorded in The Book Of Names will be erased, leaving them with no past and/or future.

Are Ewan and Hadyn really strong enough to overcome such an evil? Or is this just a dream created within their wild imaginations? Will they ever get home?

Watch as secrets, and shocking facts unravel within every page of this book.

I had mixed feeling within this novel. In the beginning, I really enjoyed this book, and couldn't wait to see what would become of it. But as I got farther into it, the less I wanted to read it. I guess it sort of dragged on a bit, that I became a bit bored with it. There was enough adventure in it for two books, and I think that might of been a part of the problem. Too much adventure can ruin a book, if you know what I mean. But a book with no adventure is down right boring. This was a clever piece of work though. And in some ways I did enjoy the author's imagination exploding within every page. I guess I would recommend this, but it was sort of slow in the middle to end.

TAGS: adventure, evil, fantasy, darkness, death, kidnapping, other worlds, sci-fi, imagination.