Monday, December 8, 2008

Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution

TITLE: Buggy Crenshaw and The Deadwood Principle: Evolution
AUTHOR: R.M. Wilburn

Just as an adventure ended for the "powerful" Buggy Crenshaw, another one has just meerily begun. In her last adventure with her two friends, Sid and Veronica, they defeated the powerful Electrolosis, and his plans to take over the world. The same is just beginning.

Buggy has been blind to the clues her experimental dad and secretive mom have tried to give her and her brother Frank about being magical, like all the other residents in Lloyds Hollow. Time is rewinding, and Buggy has to figure out why and how. FAST. When evel starts to represent itself throughout the secret society, only Buggy and her friends can stop it.

Her mom leaves her with mysterious things she says will help her. Along with plenty of warnings. A talking frog called Filly is packed with Buggys things along with many others. But the dreaded frog rhymes, with everything he says, and he makes the journey much more complicated. As she journeys out, her brother tosses her a book, just before he is taken away for safety from the evel Intruders. Felix and The Cowardly King. Even though her brother said this would bring much helpfullness, it would also bring death.

She sets out to find the Mysic cabin, where she will meet up with Veronica and Sid, and where she will also meet up with destiny. But first she meets up with the mysterious Otis Blue, who helped out quite a bit on her last adventure.

But she notices he is trying to keep her away from the cabin, and she has no idea why. She finally summons the cabin, after hours of hiking behind Otis, no idea where he is leading her. Sid and Veronica dont trust Otis. And there might be a reason why. Buggy just doesnt see it yet.

Evel is getting closer, and they know they cannot save the world by themselves. They need to depend on someone of a higher magic status. Someone they must summon before its too late. And thats when Buggy remembers her mom telling her to summon Tara Foxpride, no matter what. After she suggested this to her friends, they scowl in disbelief, thinking Buggy's mom is a traitor of the Greater Good. Is she? Would that explain the flowers she left by Buggys bed, to erase everything about magic inside her mind? Or is it for the Greater Good?

Veronica only believes in magic, not imagination. But if they use magic, that will only attract the evil to them more, and if that were to happen, the whole world will be consumed by it. Having there adventure being taken on by foot, many interesting things happen along the way. Buggy secretly summonsd Felix from Felix the Cowardly King book Frank had managed to give to Buggy just before everything would take place, and he would guide them through. But if Veronica wont believe, they cannot overtake this adventure together. And the evil that cast itself among the Earth, will consume every last one of them. Will Veronica believe? Or will she use magic, and reveal everything they know?
"Drastic times call for Drastic Measures"

I ABSOLUTLY loved this book. In my opinion, it was much more adventurous than the first, and it was a very simple and magical read. Twists and turns grasp each and every page, and no review could explain the magic that lies within this book. I tried to include everything in this book in this one review, but couldn't. There would be so much to explain, it would turn out to be a whole nother blog!!! One thing I thought was very cute, was the rhyming frog, Filly. I absolutly loved his rymes, and found them to be quite clever. I absolutly loved that frog!!! This book was so amazing, I couldnt put it down. Everything came to a surprise to me, even if i suspected it or not. Half the time I didnt even know what would happen, and when I would take a guess, the very opposite would occur. One thing though, that really bugged the heck out of me, was the obnoxious character Veronica. She simply had no imagination, and she only trusted herself and magic. But once she found out from Buggy and Sid's future selves, that she would be dead if she just simply wouldnt believe, everything reversed into a turnaround. There are not enough words to explain this extraordinary story. I highly recommend the first 2 books of this series!!!

TAGS: Mysterious, evil, devil, black magic, murder, adventure, traitor, evolution, inventor, series, cat.