Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogger Interview!

Hey everyone! Here is this weeks (as of last friday) Fun-Read-Friday winner!!! Instead of hosting just your blog, I am going to do an acutal interview with you!!! So here it is: an interview with the blogger herself, Hope!! Click here to visit her blog.
1) What inspired you to start blogging about books?
My blog actually wasn't a book blog when it started. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I started, it was kind of just a... whatever-I-feel-like-posting blog. I started it on a snow day last February, and after I found two extremely awesome book blogs - The Story Siren and The Page Flipper - I decided to make mine a YA book reviewing blog, because I pretty much read all the time.

2) Do you feel tied down to reviewing books, and feel as though you dont enjoy the books as much as you do when read what you want?
I don't really feel tied down by reviewing books. I only take offers if I think I'll like the book. If it's something I don't think I'll like, I nicely turn the offer down. I still enjoy reading books as much as I used to, and I think that blogging has maybe even helped me enjoy them more, because now I can discuss the books with other people who also love reading.

3) How long have you been blogging about books?
I've been blogging about books since February of last year. It's almost been a year already, but the time has flown by really fast. :]

4) By estimating, how many authors/publishers do you think have contacted you to review their book(s)?
Oh, goodness. Uhm... I honestly have no idea. It's been quite a few, and I know that everytime I get another review offer I am shocked, haha. But.. even by estimating, I really couldn't tell you, because I have no idea. Sorry!

5) Do you ever get bored of blogging?
There's times when I go through lulls in my blogging. Usually when I go through a reading lull and can't and don't feel like reading anything is when I get bored with blogging a little bit. That's only happened once or twice, though. Usually if I'm not blogging, I have been reading, I just procrastinate a lot. :]

6) Do you do any challenges for your blog like the 100 book challenge?
I did a bunch of challenges last year, but I failed at most of them. The two I did complete were the 2k8 challenge and the 100+ Book Challenge. The two I decided to do this year were those two again - the 100+ Challenge and the '09 Debut Author Challenge. I enjoyed both of them last year, and I hope I do again this year.

7) How much do you read a day?
This depends. Usually, if it's a school week, I can only read 50 or so pages a day, unless I get really into a book, then it's the whole book. If we're on break or it's summer I can read one to two books a day, depending on the length and what I have going on.

You can learn more about Hope and her blog by clicking this link! She has an amazing blog, and I really reccommend that you check it out, and follow if you currently aren't following!


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