Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Language Of Elk

TITLE: The Language Of Elk
AUTHOR: Benjamin Percy
Out of the stories in this one book, only one I liked. This one, was about a mom and son who escape abuse from the guy she married, and from the father he befriended. While staying at the boys aunts farm, he learns how to trap game, and sell it. He also gets to know a powerful deer he and his mom accidently collided with along the way. He some how magically came to life, and I really honestly thought it was too fake. Along with the others, there was no message within the pages. This is a short review, because there isnt much in this book to talk about. Many of the stories were to weird, I had to stop reading them, and take a break. One of the most weirdest stories I read was about a father and son who searched all over the desert for ancient artifacts, and even dead carcasses. They come across a decease, ancient indian body, and display it in their home which looks like a museum. A strange lady then discovers the body, and runs from her boyfriends house, to tell the indian comunity.
Once again, in The Language Of Elk, it had short stories. To sum up most of the stories, they were meaningless to me. When I finished one story, I would think to myself, Was There a Purpose?
I wouldnt reccomend this book to anyone, because to me, it is a waste of time. There may be people out there that loved this book, and that is fine for me. But I personally hated this book, and couldnt wait to finish it. I didn't even expect this, but out of nowhere, some unwanted detail appeared, and I was really disgusted with that.
TAGS: Graphic detail, circus, elk, indian, abuse


Hope. said...

I almost got this book from BookDivas to review, but I couldn't find a summary on amazon, so I decided against it. I'm glad I did now. :]


addicted reader said...
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addicted reader said...

I'm glad that you didnt get it. I didnt see any meaning in the book, and I hate to say such bad things about it. I'm sure the author put in a lot of time and effort, but it wasnt a great book to me