Friday, January 9, 2009


Author: Jerry Spinelli
Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

This is an extra-ordinary story about the Holocost. It is told through the eyes of a younger boy, and innocent Jew. He has no idea what the "jackboot" (nazi) is meant for. Through his eyes, they are his friends. He looks up to them. But we all know what a Nazi wants. Total destruction. To terminate the young, the old, the helpless, the poor. But Misha has no clue. He is a gypsy. He only sees Jews die. He never knew about the Gypsies. He never knew he is wanted for death too.
Through the eyes of his older campanions, he is stupid. Useless. But not all that useless. He is small enough to steal and run away before the rich ladies in fur catch him. He knows his way. But one night while bunking in a barn, a pile of all kinds of food before him, they are caught by the Nazis, being forced into the ghetto. Along with his neighbor. Who happens to be a Jewish girl.
He believes the Ghetto will be a wonderful place to live. A place of their own. Outside of the judgemental world. A world that is used for killing, torturing, and hate. But he never knew the Ghetto would be worse. Death surrounding him along all the streets he walked. Lifeless bodies covered only in newspapers. Shoes being stolen off of the dead, used for other unfortunate Jewish people.
One by one, he notices life decreasing, and the smell of death arising. Everything is gray. Boring,. Dead. Realization is now a purpose.
After switching between sleeping with the group of boys who fed him, and taught him how to survive outside of the Ghetto, he also gets to know the little girls family too. Jermaina. But she is young and foolish, copying every move of his. Yelling at some of the Nazis on guard, or stealing food from other Jews. But one day, on the brink of starvation for the whole family, he comes across a hole, just big enough for him to squeeze through. And get to heaven. The other side. Night after night, he scavenges for food. Either in trash cans, along the empty streets, or in food cellars, he always brings enough for him, the family, and some of the orphans.

But then the Nazis discover people bringing in food, surviving.
Misha later finds out that one of the boys that lived with him outside of the Ghetto was hung, dangling from a lamp post, with a sign around his neck, he discovers what dangers await him.

Will he be caught?
Personally, this book was just too sad. I hate learning about the Holocost, all of the children that died, along with the mentally ill, the young, and the old. It just makes me sick, that someone can actually do that, and get away with it for a long period of time. It's almost as if its surreal. And the book presented the hardships of being a Jew during the '30's-40's, and I broke out in tears at the end. In the end, some one dies, and I will not tell who, but it just made me feel sick to my stomache. I wish this horrible time period never happened. I dont think I will ever read another book about the holocost again. Overall, this book was showed with true feelings, and inless you get emotional easy, then dont read it. Otherwise, if you like to study the Holocost, or WWII, then I guess I recommend it.
TAGS: War, death, world war 2, Jewish, GErmans, Nazis, hate, stupidity, stealing, killing, murders, innocent.


stargirlreads said...
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stargirlreads said...

I liked this book

addicted reader said...

really? I kinda did, not really. It was too sad for me.

Katie said...

This book looks so sad I don't know if I could read it. But It also looks kind of good so I don't know. Good Review! :]


addicted reader said...

Thanks Katie! It is sad, i have to say...It made me cry a little at the end.

LisaMay said...

Sounds very interesting. Sad though :(