Friday, January 2, 2009

Rebel In Blue Jeans

TITLE: Rebel In Blue Jeans
AUTHOR: Beverly Stowe McClure

The back of the book says it all right. What is Rebel supposed to do when her mother runs away with a drummer from a rock band? Sure, Rebel and her mother weren't that close, but close enough for her to miss her runaway mother, but how is she supposed to feel about her mother, Liz, abandoning her?

Rebel loves the country, and all of the animals her huge farm holds, but the only person Rebel has to talk to and confide in is her father. But he turns to drinking alcohol, doubting the relationship him and his run-away wife once had. He believes it is his fault for not giving her the attention she wanted. Life was better when Rebel was younger, just starting to ride pony's and swim in the lake, but as times went on, the relationship grew farther apart. Until Rebels mom had to find peace within a city, not the country.

So it's just Rebel and her animals. But don't forget about the over-protective Garret boys.
They live close enough to Rebel to destroy her life but bring her happiness through the rough times. They live to protect her, and invade in her private life with other boys. Especially when she meets Rick. He goes to college, and has a body every girl dreams their boyfriends should have. When they begin to date, Sully and Will defend and warn her that he is not all he is made out to be. Drugs, parties, and other things that make him a negative person don't bother Rebel. Everyone has their faults. But she believes he is a better person now.

Several days pass, and Rebels mom plans for her to come and visit Bo and their new life for an entire month, wanting her to possibly live with them. But Rebel cannot leave her life behind. Her animals, her dad, the farm, or the Garret boys. The month came and went, and Rebel discovers why her mother had to run, and a new life that could possibly be hers.

Will Rebel change her mind and live with her run-away mom and a possible rock band druggie? Will she discover Ricks true figure, or will she wait until she finds it for herself?

At first I wasn't sure how I would like this book. Thinking it would be chick-lit plot, I didn't think it would turn out to my liking. But as I got farther into it, I discovered it was far from being a chick-lit. It had true meaning to it, and not just boys, and dating.

There were so many different emotions running through it, it kept me waiting 'till the very end. I knew exactly how Rebel felt, because it described in such great detail. I have never experience what it's like when parents split up, and having to choose sides, but I got a piece of that in this book. Knowing how hard it was to choose who's side she felt more comfortable living with, even though it was an obvious choice not to leave her dad, farm and animals behind, but she discovered her mom didn't just run away. She ran away for a better life. One she knew she had always wanted. She found out that Bo, her step dad, was a very caring person, drug free, and enjoys kids, and was an everyday guy, caring for his family. It was hard for me to decide whom I liked better. They each had reasons for the turnout of things, and I felt that it made the story more realistic. I recommend this to anyone.

TAGS: Divorce, animals, farm, boys, dating, humor, depressed, leaving, lonely, cousins, realistic fiction


Hope. said...

I've never heard of this book, but your review makes me want to read it really bad. I'm definitely adding this to my TBR list. :]


addicted reader said...

Cool!! Thanks!!!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review of Beverly's book. I've read this one too and really enjoyed it.


ChipotleChick said...

i am so going on to and checking out that book!

Have you read the Kite Runner? it's one of my favorite book. Just wondering. Is there even a book on this planet you haven't read? you may have to go to mars to find new reading material.

addicted reader said...

Lol, thanks Cheryl!
I really do recommend this book ChipotleChick, I think you might like it!
And No I havent read the Kite Runner, but Ive heard a lot of good things about it! I hope to read it soon!
lol, I havent read *that much* lol, thanks!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Beverly here. Thanks so much for an awesome review. I'm happy you enjoyed Rebel.


addicted reader said...

Wow! Thanks so much for commenting on my review!! I am so happy you took the time out to read my review!!!!!!! Thanks so much Beverly!!!!!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

I'm glad that you "got" the story and understood the different characters. :)


addicted reader said...


kai said...

I've read this book and you really did 'get' it. Great review of an enjoyable book.