Monday, January 5, 2009

The Substitute Kid

TITLE: The Substitute Kid
AUTHOR:Joseph K. Smith

What would you do if your dad made the greatest invention of all, and you could put it into good use? But there may be consinquences to your actions?

Michaela's dad is a scientist that owns his own lab. One at work, and one at home. She thinks that is the most coolest thing a kid could ask for, even her best friend Jessica believes that. After he unveils his most greatest invention of all, Michaela is amazed, and shocked at the same time. Almost to weird. But Jessica, on the other hand, is so thrilled that such a thing is possible. To have your very own twin robot, that looks EXACTLY, and even acts the same as you.
After getting back at her brother for scaring her and Jessica, her parents arent too sure about her. She has been getting detention, and groundings that seem to last for years! After all, the fourth grade isnt so easy.
Especially when they have to take a huge history exam, to show the teacher's they are ready to move onto the fifth grade. Michaela isnt so sure she can pass it. Actually, she knows she cannot pass it. She tries to study, but everything she reviews, never stays in her memory to put into good use. Thats when the plan comes into play. After visiting her dads lab once more, and learning more about her twin robot, her dad decides to put it into safe keeping at home, while he is away. She knows the plan will work. Afterall, it did work when the robot pitched a no hitter inning, and cracked a home run. And the best part, no one even knew it wasnt the real Michaela!!
After finalizing the plan, she decides to make up a note, stating the real Michaela's cousin will be visiting Boston, all the way from Chicago. Only, the robot will act as the real Michaela, and Michaela will act as the robots cousin.
But will her teacher and parents discover her devious plan? Will the robot fail the test, and force the real Michaela to go into a whole nother year of 4th grade?

Even though this book was only 54 pages in length, it kept me going. It was packed with humor, and made me imagine what it was like to be a grade schooler again. Why can't everything be as simple as it was back then? I loved the imaginary plot of this book. It was something far different than what I have read in a long time, and it kept me amused. In some parts, though, it almost moved to fast, and there wasnt as much detail as I hoped. I think the plot was a great one, and I would of loved it if it were a longer story. This is a great story idea, and I loved the author's writing style, even though there wasnt much detail. It was enough to get by though. I loved getting inside the head of a grade schooler the most. Everything seems to easy and simple to the main character, Michaela, that some parts made me laugh. It was quite funny to see her worry over a 4th grade test, even though it wasnt to her. I know that might sound weird, but you will understand once you read this book. I do recommend it, because it is a fast and amusing read, I read it in one sitting. It was packed with humor, there is nothing I could honestly complain about. If you ever come across this book, I suggest you read it.

TAGS: Humor, funny, cute, girl, school, test, bully, robot, science, brothers, mischevious, brave, young, friends, friendships.


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I'm liking the cover!!!

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It is a very amusing cover! I like it!

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award~ :D