Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reading Challenges?

I want to do some newPhotobucket and exciting book and reading challenges for this year, but I'm not exactly sure about any other ones other than the 100 book challenge (which I am doing right now) and the A-Z author/book challenge. Could someone fill me in on some new and exciting ones I could do? Thanks so much!


Hope. said...

If you go to the blog called A Novel Challenge, she lists like every single challenge going on right now. Here's a link:

That's where I've found all of the ones I've done in the past. :]


addicted reader said...

Great! Thanks so much Hope!

I have decided on one I am going to do.

Kaylee. said...

Good luck with your challenges!

Also, would you like to do a link exchange?


Laina said...

I was thinking about doing the 100+ book challenge, too, since I have a blog now. Looks fun! There's one where you read a book from every state that a girl on book divas is doing.

addicted reader said...

woah. That sounds interesting. lol

Laina said...

Wanna see mine? They're up on my blog now.

addicted reader said...

Woah Laina! Thats quite a bit! lol
The only ones I am doing are the Ghost story and the 100 + book challenge!

Laina said...

Lol, yeah, I went a little overboard. But hey, I can use them all for the 100+ one, right?