Saturday, March 7, 2009

Author In The SpotLight! ~March~

Please Welcome Marchs' Author In The SpotLight!

L.M Owens!

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1) What are some of your favourite hobbies?

Aside from writing, I love music, knitting, quilting, gardening, hunting, fishing, and spending time w/ my family

2) When writing, what do you do for brainstorming?

I dont really brainstorm, everything is in my head, I also write names and other ideas down as they come to me so they are readily available should I get stuck on something.

3) Do you ever get bored with writing?

No way, that would be like getting bored with icecream, with so many flavors how could you possiblly get bored?

4) What are some of you favorite authors/books and why?

Dean Morrissy, his artwork and his stories are amazing (even though he writes for children) and he gets the imagination going into overdrive. The Dragonlance Series is awesome, again they too kick the imagination into high gear, especially those written by Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Terry Pratchett is another one who winds up the imagination. Not only is he a great writer but he also puts humor in his stories, and we could all use a laugh now and again. I also like crime novels, both fiction and nonfiction such as "Presumed Guilty" The Scott Peterson case...excellent read and a BIG eye opener.

5) Where do you like to write the most?

I would love to have a log cabin up in the mountains of Maine to do my writing in the peaceful serenity of nature, however I dont have that luxury so I am stuck in my little office at home.

6) Do you go through writers block a lot?

Not really, my biggest problem is concentrating on one book at a time. I have so many in my head sometimes I think it will burst.

7) Do you have any funny childhood/teen-hood memories that make you laugh?

Oh boy do I! I was a goofy eccentric kid. One memory that comes to mind is when I was about 9 yrs old I wanted to be a standup comedian so, I went around to my family & friends, my friends parent, my parents friends, teachers and anyone who would listen and serveyed them as to whether I was funny or not.

8) When do you write the most?

I am at my best between 8 and 11 am. When I am writing a mannuscript, I let it be known to everyone not to call me before 11 in the morning Mon-Fri. I view this as my "work" and I hate the interuption in my thought process, sometimes you lose a good flowing sentance or paraghraph due to interuptions and I hate that.


L.M Owens is the author of Darious, Prince Of Legend and Darious, Master Of Dragons!


Marie Hansen said...

L.M. Owens has on a cool bracelet! Great interview!

Anonymous said...

She seems like a very layedback cool person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marie, most of my jewelry comes from Hot Topic, some come from various other places though.

Thanx again :)
L-M Owens

addicted reader said...

I agree! Thanks for visiting L.M Owens!