Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Silent Note

TITLE: The Silent Note
AUTHOR: Patrick Davis

The whole love saga began with a death, and an old piano. Maria, John's wife, always loved to collect antiques, wondering what their story was. Not understanding exactly what Maria meant, and why she loved to collect things that were of no use in the technology era, their current era, John though, would soon to find out.
Sadly, Maria dies of an internal illness, leaving her husband, John, and six year old daughter, Melissa with many of the old antiques she collected through-out her short lived life time. Including a piano that holds a daunting love story, ready to be unveiled.
When John's life can't get any more depressing, he discovers a box holding letters, a photo of a man and lady dated back to the early 1900's, and a heavy fountain pen, hidden inside of the piano while fixing the tune. Curiosity gets the best of him, and he begins to read letters sent and received between a girl, and gentleman, calling upon each other for visits. Elsa and Grant have been writing back and forth in the span of 2 years, also visiting for holidays. Elsa, who loves to play the piano, and has a very unique talent, cannot let a relationship get in between her love affair with music. Planning to be a music teacher, she must focus on her future only. Not relationships, or callings. But Grant is too good to be held up. A pure gentlemen of his time. She knows he cares deeply for her, but she can't lose interest in her piano skills, or becoming the music teacher she has always wanted to become.
The letters display this feeling, but the deeper the letters get, the more Elsa is determined to be with Grant. Even though her father has a hard time dealing with the fact that his only daughter could be proposed to any second, he cant seem to let her go.
Meanwhile, John must find out what happened to Elsa and Grant when the letters give no more clues as to what happened between the loving couple. Not knowing how many secrets that one piano holds, John must unlock the secrets that have been kept inside for so long. How far will he go to find the truth?
Yes, the title is a very intriguing one at the most. Including the summary on the back, making the reader want to know what that one silent note has to do with the story, but I for one, didn't care for it. You had to be really patient to get through it, and some parts just dragged on, or could have been left out. I also came across repetitive words between sentences that really bugged me. The letters between Elsa and Grant were very interesting, and in a way haunting. It seems so long ago that these letters were written. It took a while to get into the whole story line, but at the beginning of the end, it really starts to pick up. Obstacles begin to unravel, and that's when it becomes very interesting.
This book, I couldn't connect, or understand the characters at all. I felt as if I were just staring at words on a page, not really becoming a part of the story. There wasn't much action involved, and that might of been part of the problem of me disliking this story. The story itself was in a way, depressing. Just because the death of John's wife, Maria, and while reading the old letters. It made me feel as if time is going way to fast, even if this book was a work of fiction. Overall, I don't think I would really recommend this book. In less your into historic romances, or mysteries, I don't think you would get much out of this book. There is a second book to this one, called Return to Kingston. I doubt I will read that one.


Shelley said...

It does sound interesting by just the title and cover, but it doesn't sound like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for your honest review!