Monday, March 2, 2009

Elijah's Coin

TITLE: Elijah's Coin: A Lesson For Life
AUTHOR: Steve O'Brien

That one robbery changed Tom's life forever, other than the sick murder of his innocent mother. Tom seeks revenge for the person who broke into his house while his mother was home alone. He seeks revenge for the man that changed his life. But he find yet another man that will forever change his hectic, criminal life. In a positive way.

Elijah: Strange, old, wise, speaks of nonsense
Tom: Criminal, practical, pathetic, lonely, taker-not a giver.

During a stupidly planned break in, Tom was caught. But something strange happens. After cleaning up the mess of an attempted run from the store, a man named Elijah stops him. Not to arrest him though. To enlighten him. And that's when his life was changed for the better.

..."What do you seen when glancing at a fence post?" He noticed the look on my face. "Think about it before you answer."
..."I don't know. You see...I guess you see, between the fence posts, and after a while you cant see the fence posts as they go by. Kind of like a sideways movie"
..."Okay, now we're getting someplace. You know what you see between the fence posts?"
..."I have no idea. What?"
From Elijah's Coin, Page 23
Now the lesson begins. Tom is sent on a mysterious quest, he is yet to solve. After meeting up with 3 people who have had their lives touched by Elijah,Tom must figure out what Elijah tried to teach him. His quest begins to figure out this odd message veiled between the gift of giving, and the act of taking. But when he visits a local city Mission, he discovers one of the three guys died. But he lived to give.

When going back to Cashions to start the second meeting with Elijah, he realizes after several frantic bangs, yells, and a pathetic plea to the police to search for him inside, that an Elijah King never existed. Ever. At least, not in this lifetime. The only thing that he is left with that keeps him from believing the meeting was a dream, includes the two gold coins given to him, by Elijah himself. Even the coins are odd. One side, marked with the 2 letters EK and a weird design, along with the other side marked with G2G. Jumping to conclusions, he believes EK stands for the initials of Elijah King. Makes sense, right?
No sightings of Elijah have been declared, leaving Tom to fend for himself on this awkward journey. Determination full-fills Tom, and he sets off to find Elijah himself. But he found him where he least expected him.

Elijah King
He taught us how to live.
In all things you must give in order to get.
To be successful, evoke kindness.
Observe, think, believe, act
Years have past, Tom learned. But one thing may turn him into the wrong person he once was. A man. A man that effected his life so much in the past. A man that came for Tom's help, sent by Elijah himself. What will Tom do when the past comes to haunt him?

This book was so powerful, I felt as if I were the one living the message. Everything was so thought provoking, and strong, I couldn't believe one person could come up with something so deep. There were so many twists, turns, happy, and sad moments. By the time I finished this book, I was left deep in thought, just thinking about it for myself, and what it meant for me. I don't think there are any words out there to explain how deep, and emotional this book reached. I believe it has changed me in a way, only you can discover by reading it for yourself. Watching Tom elope into a totally different person that once turned to crime to avenge everything bad in his life, into a person that gives, cares, and puts time into other people, not himself, was very interesting. There were so many powerful quotes in this book, I wrote some of them down, hoping to memorize them. You will definitely be enlightened by this powerful, meaningful book.
I highly recommend this to anyone.

And, I was thankful enough to receive 2 of the coins Tom got from Elijah! I will include pictures later, so we can all share the message these coins carry!!!