Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday:

I have just started the Private series, and I absolutely love how it is written, and all the characters through out it. Even though I will only be starting on the second installment of the series, I look forward to finishing it.

So, as I was searching the web, I came across the next book to the Private Series! It is called Suspicion. A very Suspicious title huh? Well, as you can tell, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this book after I get done with the rest of the books.

And then there is this book, which is already out, but I am going to be getting it for my birthday in June. So technically, its not out yet for me! I'm sure you all have heard of it, or at least read it. It's called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It looks and sounds super good, so I cannot wait to get this in a couple of months! Here is a summary:

"When Clay Jenson plays the casette tapes he received in a mysterious package, he's surprised to hear the voice of dead classmate Hannah Baker. He's one of 13 people who receive Hannah's story, which details the circumstances that led to her suicide. Clay spends the rest of the day and long into the night listening to Hannah's voice and going to the locations she wants him to visit. The text alternates, sometimes quickly, between Hannah's voice (italicized) and Clay's thoughts as he listens to her words, which illuminate betrayals and secrets that demonstrate the consequences of even small actions. Hannah, herself, is not free from guilt, her own inaction having played a part in an accidental auto death and a rape. The message about how we treat one another, although sometimes heavy, makes for compelling reading..."
Now you all know why everyone is talking about this book! Can't wait!


Bookworm said...

Cool new cover for Suspicion! i actually haven't ever read the Private series, but it sounds good...

Sadako said...

13 Reasons Why seems groovy--creepy, and mysterious. Why does every book I read have a character called Hannah in it, though?

katie said...

I loved Thirteen Reasons Why. It was definitely a different type of book and a little creepy but it was still amazing. And I too cannot wait for the next Private novel! :]