Tuesday, March 10, 2009


TITLE: Private
AUTHOR: Kate Brian

Reed Brennan has escaped her home of lost hope, onto a campus full of hope. New beginnings, fresh start, different people, and then there's the Billing Girls.
It doesn't take long for Reed to discover them, since they are the most popular, smart, and rich girls on campus. The extra info comes from her newly made friends, who can be a little annoying from time to time. The beginning school day starts off with a strange encounter with Thomas, a dreamy popular boy, who is in which rich, and don't forget, his parents donate a big wad of cash from time to time.
Reed tries to be successful in this new, prestigious school, but she begins falling behind, on her new scholarship she in which won. What will it take for her to catch up? The Billings Girls.

Reed, a.k.a, Glass-Licker, to Noelle, the leader of the Billings, gets to know her more, almost too much. They agree to help her, after several meetings at lunch, and several risky missions for Reed to go through. Grades begin to catch up, the teachers don't seem to get any brighter or nicer, but Thomas becomes more unresisting... Until the secrets unravel.
Are the Billings Girls somehow connected to Thomas's filthy plan? Or did the Billings plan to ruin it for Reed?

This book was a fresh read, that I couldn't put down, for the most part. I loved the mysterious sense of this novel, leaving me hooked until the very end. But some parts were less extravagant. The little, less important ones were the most boring, but I was luck it picked up from where it left off. My thoughts are pretty good on this book, nothing majorly wrong with it. I am becoming more and more in love with books like these, thanks to Kate Brian's other start-off series, Privilege. I loved the characters in this plot, and how it ended. They were ordinary, not your typical every day superhero. The feelings were so true, I felt as if I were right there with Reed, trying to become part of The Billings. Noelle was a very different character. At times she could be a real snot, other times she could be very sensitive towards Reed when it came to Thomas. But I think this book went to fast, and kind of left the reader confused. More detail, and events should of taken place. Otherwise, this was a pretty worth reading book!


Ashley said...

I loved this one. I read it in a day. Couldn't put it down!